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Amazing Perks and Benefits for Amazing Employees

  • Engineers Choose Your Rig
    Love the Mac? Prefer Windows? Live for Ubuntu? Why be forced to work on a system you don’t like. At FullContact we let you choose the type of machine and OS you want to work on.
  • Competitive Salary
    We offer highly competitive salaries based on skill set and experience. We want to hire the best talent in the market.
  • Generous Stock Options
    We believe that every employee should not only be a part of something great but be given a chance to have ownership in FullContact.
  • 100% Paid Health Care
    Health Care is expensive and the last thing we want you to worry about is keeping you and your family healthy. We offer 100% paid Medical, Dental and Vision for employees and Spouse or Family coverage.
  • Free RTD Eco Pass
    We want your commute to the office to be as hassle free as possible, that’s why every FullContact employee gets and RTD Eco Pass for riding the bus or LightRail to the office.
  • Generous Stipend for Parking
    For those of you who like to drive to the office or don’t live close to an RTD stop, we will reimburse your monthly parking expenses. There are several parking lots and garages next to and around the area of our office.
  • 3 Week MINIMUM Vacation Policy
    Life is more than just a job. We hire honest, hardworking, awesome people and we trust them to take the time they really need while also making sure they take care of business and colleagues. Take at least 3 weeks, but more if you need.
  • Paid, PAID Vacation
    In addition to PTO time, we offer “Paid, PAID Vacation”.

    Once a year you can take a vacation that we not only pay you your salary for but we also give you $7,500 to pay for your vacation. There is a catch, you MUST be off the grid, no emails, no calling work, ABSOLUTELY NO WORK. How does that sound?
  • 8 Paid Holidays
    We give every employee 8 paid holidays in addition to our 3 week minimum vacation policy.
  • Opportunity to Attend Events
    A great perk about our industry is that there are a lot of events. We love to participate and host events, learning never stops and we want everyone to keep up on the latest knowledge and trends.
  • We Love Flip Flops
    You’ve been there before, it’s 94 degrees outside and you are at work wearing khakis, an oxford shirt and, loafers — talk about uncomfortable! We believe that comfort is a key component in productivity, so come to work and be comfortable.
  • Powder Day Policy
    Simply take a day off to go skiing, or snowboarding, or whatever, whenever you need to. There are some rules though.
    1. You can’t screw your team over.
    2. You must make the day up within 14 days.
    3. This is an experiment based on trust.
  • Work. Remote.
    Been here a year? Take 1 month of every year and work from anywhere in the world. (If Latvia or Denver, we’ll pay travel & lodging!)
  • Paid Maternity / Paternity
    12 weeks of 100% paid maternity leave for moms, 3 weeks 100% paid for dads. (And you’ve gotta go off the grid.)

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