How MAIDs Can Benefit You


Long Lifespan

Cookies have a 7-day lifespan; MAIDs last about 7-8 months, which gives you consistent engagement over time.

Improved Connection

MAIDs can be reset by users, granting them control over their usage and helping protect their privacy. This means your message gets only to the people interested.

No Sync Required

Common across application publishers and set by the OS, (not the browser, unlike cookies), MAIDs remove any need for syncing - keeping your data accurate and up to date.

More Effective Advertising

Because they can be used in-app, MAIDs make mobile advertising more effective by tracking all usage. This allows you to better personalize your interactions.

Individual Tracking

Being connected to the individual means there is less room for misrepresented information and usage control.

In-App Usage

Unlike cookies, MAIDs can track in-app usage, which is where consumers spend most of their time. Now you can reach your audiences where they are.

See the Whole Person

  • Amplify Your Media From Channel to Channel

    Reach your desired audience both offline and online, enabling a consistent brand experience across.

  • Personalize Your Customer Experience

    Enrich with MAIDs and other individual attributes to personalize and segment your marketing campaigns effectively.

  • Suppress Audiences

    Avoid inappropriate messaging to your favorite customers by suppressing their MAIDs from your advertising.

  • Consolidate and Connect

    Improve the connection between your siloed first party data and create a single consolidated record.

How It Works

If you collect MAIDs, but don’t have any additional insights about that user or you have other identifiable information and want to expand your advertising reach, we can help build on the contact information you have today with our MAIDs offerings.

MAIDs as an Identifier

Enrich MAIDs with offline identifiers (like age and gender) to segment and personalize your targeted audience before activating on ad platforms. View API Reference

MAIDs as an Insights Bundle

Convert an email address, phone number, or name & postal into a usable anonymous identifier by enriching your current customer data with MAIDs. View API Reference


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