Protect your sensitive data, but access it easily

With Identity Streme, your data is instantly encrypted, stored, and resolved to a persistent PersonID. Use this obfuscated ID, instead of PII, to put your data to work. Push it to a DMP for activation, send an email or direct mail piece, share with your trusted partners—you name it.


Ensure compliance with data privacy laws and regulations.


Securely activate highly targeted advertising campaigns across the customer journey.


Safely share your data with trusted partners.

How it works

Identity Streme creates a consistent, encrypted identity across silos, improves data quality, and increases analytical accuracy—while also helping you to ensure compliance with data privacy laws and other regulations.


Add your data sets

You add your siloed data sets to a private identity cloud. Everything is ingested, encrypted, and obfuscated, so there's no need to worry about handling PII.

Map to real people

We use our identity graph to tie your databases together, map all of the data points to the individual people they belong to, and provide you with a persistent, portable PersonID. You can even add tags to these PersonIDs to identify specific customer segments—like high value customers or seasonal shoppers.

Use and share your data—securely

You can use PIDs downstream in real-time, as you engage with people. This lets you recognize customers, execute personalized marketing campaigns, and accurately measure performance. You can even securely share your data with second parties (like sister brands or partners) without ever handling PII.

Access our graph—but keep full control of your data

Many identity solutions require that you pool your customer data with other clients’ data in order to make use of the platform. Access our extensive identity graph without giving any of your data away. Your data is never commingled or combined with other data (including ours).


Like a data clean room...but better

Our privacy-first design ensures all sensitive data is protected with industry-leading security systems and your own, unique encryption key—without compromising easy, controllable access.


Persistent and portable identities

A PersonID remains consistent throughout the customer journey. Use it across your entire marketing ecosystem, from loyalty programs to call centers, media partners to email platforms, without expense.

Future-proofed protection

We’re always learning more about each person. Your Identity Streme allows you to adjust accordingly—for example, by combining once disparate records into a single person as new connections emerge and sharing that insight with your CRM.

Continuously tracks consent

Consumers should always be in complete control of their personal data. We continuously track each person’s consent to use their data, keeping you ahead on privacy and compliance.

Designed to remove risk

Identity Streme protects consumers and brands with end-to-end encryption. Every brand we work with has their own unique, person-first identities—PersonIDs are never shared across brands.

Makes sharing simple

Identity Streme makes it easier than ever to securely share your data. Understand your overlapping audiences, gain incremental contacts, and share customer insights with trusted partners.

Secure your data (and put it to work) today.