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FullContact India Certified Great Place to Work

When a great place to work becomes a Great Place To Work®

“A happy workplace is not just a place to make money. It’s a healthy, empowering culture that allows each person to thrive as both a professional and a person.” FullContact takes great pride in announcing that, as a result of our teamwork and nurturing culture, FullContact’s India office in Kochi has been certified as a…

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Enrich Enriched

Well before our newly released product functionality, conversations began as murmurs and turned into a roar of what our customers and partners needed: real-time recognition, understanding, and engagement capabilities with their customers. Here’s a sample of what we heard: “We want to recognize an individual at every touchpoint, across all channels.” “How can I reduce…

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The Messaging Approach That is Undermining Your Customer Experience Strategy

Customer experience is becoming the biggest differentiator for brands as omnichannel marketing provides consumers with even more opportunities to interact with businesses. Gartner predicted that in 2019, more than 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations. Customer experience, the perception of how you treat individual consumers, affects your company’s reputation and…

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Who Is My Customer? Unveiling Significant Audience Insights

Successful brands are taking the time to personalize every step of the customer journey and create consistent experiences across every interaction with their company. These brands are being thoughtful of customer interactions and using dynamic personalization to supplement and create a unique experience for their customers.   The first steps to beginning a customer-centric marketing…

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The Beating Heart of Identity Resolution: The Graph

The growing expectation for personalization and consistent customer experience has marketing departments across the country evaluating identity resolution providers. There are a dozen or so companies that perform identity resolution in some capacity, but there are still a few that lack the one clear indicator of a sole identity resolution provider: a patented identity graph….

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Why Your Brand Should Strive for the Golden Customer Record

By 2020, it’s estimated that 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth. With this rapid creation of data, compiling and maintaining an accurate customer record has become increasingly more important. But brands aren’t only dealing with the influx of data created — they also have to contend with where…

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For True Identity-Based Marketing, You’ll Need Much More Than a CDP

An increasingly savvy customer base anticipates consistency now more than ever. Unsurprisingly, 90% of consumers expect the customer experience to be consistent across channels and devices used to interact with brands. As more devices are introduced into households and offices, brands are looking for efficient ways to communicate with customers consistently across channels and platforms….

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