use business cards effectively

Business Cards: You’re Using Them Wrong

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to talk to Dave Delaney of Futureforth. Dave is one of the smartest people that I know when it comes to networking, so I wanted to pick his brain about how to build a network that really increases your net worth, rather than just piling more drops into a bucket. One thing that he said really stood out to me above all the rest, and in fact it’s even changed my mind about business cards, so I wanted to share it with you.

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Think differently -  networking won't necessarily grow your network.

I Quit Networking and My Network Finally Grew

I believe in the value of a good network, and I know that success in life is all about people. Today, my personal and professional network is amazing and growing more valuable to me every day. But, I didn’t get to the point of having a valuable network by┬ánetworking. This is how it happened and…

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FullContact Adds Multiple Google Account Sync

Ever since we started getting feedback on FullContact, our most-requested feature has been the ability to sync the contacts in two Google accounts together, to make them identical. Today we’re excited to bring that feature to life, easing the pain that so many of you have dealt with for entirely too long.

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FullContact for Gmail 1.1 – Favorites, Google Calendar Support and More

It’s been a few weeks since we officially released FullContact for Gmail into the wild. To say that we’re blown away by the reception would be an understatement. Your feedback has been incredibly important to us, and today we’re pleased to bring you the first major update of FullContact for Gmail. Version 1.1 of our Gmail plugin brings with it three of your most-requested features, and a bevy of interface and visual updates as well.

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