The Benefits of Recognizing Website Visitors

Creating a cohesive customer journey starts with the vital step of recognizing who a person is. From the moment they start interacting, you can identify visitors to your website in real-time.


Increase Conversion and Average Order

Apply your custom insights during their engagement. Recognize authenticated and unauthenticated visitors on a webpage and personalize their experience with relevant content.

Improve Retargeting and Messaging

Match interactions throughout your brand channels and follow shopping & engagement behavior to better understand how and where to message individuals throughout their journey.

Persistent Recognition Across Every Engagement

Map every interaction to a persistent, portable, and omnichannel ID (our PersonID). Regardless of device, channel, or cookie, confidently recognize a real person.

Privacy-Driven Recognition

Identify your customers and audiences for engagements and messaging without using PII. Linked to a persistent identifier, your IDs are all you need to recognize your customers.

How to Identify Website Visitors

FullContact connects known and unknown identity fragments into a PersonID in real-time.


Easy to Implement JavaScript

Add a few simple lines of JavaScript to recognize authenticated and unauthenticated visitors.

Recognize Every Visitor

All traffic, authenticated or unauthenticated, is mapped to our PersonID, connecting it to your existing customer data and marketing technology stack.

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Real-Time Experience

Secure, obfuscated, and unique to your brand, the persistent PersonID enables an improved customer experience by connecting IDs across any device, channel, or platform, in real-time.

  • Recognize Visitors

    Identify real people on your site when they engage. Deliver personalized omnichannel experiences across media, websites, platforms, and customer services.

  • Identify People, Not Devices

    Using the persistent PersonID, recognize real people even as they evolve.

  • Recognize as a Person and as a Professional

    Leverage our whole-person insights and learn their identities as a person and a professional, so you can reach professionals through their personal identities.

  • Recognition Without Sending PII

    Ensure your platform has a way to reach audiences without needing to continuously send PII back and forth with the anonymous PersonID. Recognize people based on multiple types of identifiers and keep PII secure.

Empower Your Tech Stack

Easily integrate our Customer Recognition solution directly into your existing marketing tech stack using workflow automation tools like Zapier, or utilize our API integration directly with web analytics platforms, CDPs, DMPs such as Adobe, and more.


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