The Benefits of Resolve

Create valuable customer relationships by mapping incomplete or fragmented offline, online, professional, and personal identifiers to a whole person.

Get Real-time Information

Identify for consistent messaging and customer experience, across all channels, in real-time.

Create Consistent Customer Experience

Connecting customer identities across your enterprise can fuel messaging and content, as well as inbound and offline engagements.

Secure Identity Across Platforms

Transact on anonymous identifiers rather than PII.

Integrate Easily

With our API, easily connect customer & prospect data across your platforms.

Recognize Real People

Authenticated & anonymous user behavior from web analytics, tag manager, and persistent ID are mapped to a Private Identity Cloud. Use the attributed behavior to create relevant messaging & offers.

Identify and Recognize Real People in Real-Time

PersonIDs are persistent, portable, and omnichannel. So no matter where your customers and prospects engage, you can recognize them.


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See the Whole Person

When you understand the whole person, you can market to them consistently across channels & devices, provide personalization, accurately segment, and precisely measure impact at the granular level.

  • Unify Customer & Prospect Data

    We provide a persistent PersonID you can implement across your enterprise to map records into a complete, whole-person view.

  • Create Consistent Customer Experiences

    Communicate with your customers like they’re customers and prospects like they’re prospects, giving them the best possible experiences.

  • Persistent ID for Omnichannel Measurement

    Optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns, from exposure to conversion, by employing the PersonID. As customers progressively engage, it stays persistent.

  • Portable & Secure Across Platforms

    Gain the power to follow customers along their journey, across your enterprise, or with third-party partners--without transferring sensitive information.

How it Works

Bring your own IDs: name/address, phone (business & personal), email (business & personal), hashed email, social handles, cookies, DSP IDs, and Mobile Ad IDs to create a whole-person view.


Map Identities

Map fragmented and siloed inputs to individuals using your databases of customer information. Each matched record is tied to a PersonID at the individual level.


Connect and Optimize

Use the PersonID to connect datasets across your enterprise, and combine it with other IDs and append in those platforms. Apply in MarTech ecosystems for measurement and optimization.



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