What Sets Us Apart

Identity Resolution typically relies on assumptions and modeling to confirm identity. But our Identity Resolution is different.

Our Person-Centered Graph™ is comprised of real people, verified by our teams, assisted by machine learning. This allows us to resolve identity to a person in ways that others simply cannot. Accuracy matters, otherwise, why use data?

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Identity Resolution via API means you can instantaneously connect with customers as they’re engaged with you. You can also enrich identities and activate audiences using our API.

Real People

Get a single view of each consumer online, offline, and across devices — so you can communicate with them as people, not personas.

Real, Actionable Insights

Activate, analyze, and amplify. Understand customers and prospects at every point of interaction - across channels and touchpoints. And we offer tunable confidence to meet your individual needs.


Our Identity Resolution Product Line

The Benefits of Identity Resolution

Connecting Data

Connect data to create a single, more complete, and accurate view of each individual. Enable personalized, omnichannel experiences and treat your customers like real people in real-time.

Consolidating Identities

Consolidate online and offline identity fragments (email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, Mobile Ad Ids, hashed emails) into a whole picture of a person.

Applying Insights

Apply a wide range of insights, attributes, and additional customer touchpoints to tailor and amplify your marketing message.

Enriching Profiles

Enrich your customer profiles with thousands of unique data attributes.

Scaling Up

Serve them with a world-class, personalized experience at scale using our real-time API.

Mirroring Audiences

Create lookalike audiences which can be activated across all media channels.

Authentic Relationships

Serve your customers in an authentic and consistent manner across all channels. In a matter of milliseconds, you can create a personalized brand experience to build customer loyalty.


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