The Benefits of Omnichannel Measurement


Multi-Touch Measurement and Attribution

With over a billion identities in our graph, you can see an individual across media ecosystems, first-party events, devices & channels. Perform true multi-touch measurement.

Real-Time Access

Get updates in milliseconds through our API to continuously optimize your marketing investments.

Easy to Integrate

Smoothly integrate with our self-serve API--no risky PII, no cookies, no tags.

Your Measurement in Your Walls

One common persistent PersonID maps to all of your platforms. You own the measurement and attribution model.

How Do We Approach Omnichannel Measurement?

Today’s measurement is built for the platform, not the marketer. It doesn’t account for your other marketing activities, lacks transparency, and is designed to make you re-invest. We’ve changed this.


Tie It All Together

We create a common identity framework, powered by real-time Identity Resolution. Throughout the customer’s journey, you can capture and map all interactions back to that customer through the PersonID.

Measurement Embedded in Your Walls

This PersonID maps to your platforms, so you own the measurement. A real-time feedback loop enables faster optimization, so you can aggregate granular event-level data for media mix modeling.

Discover What’s Behind the PersonID

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All Across the Customer Journey

Continuously measure and analyze by capturing all interactions throughout your customer’s journey and mapping them to the PersonID.

  • Link to Sales Data

    Resolve any engagement back to a PersonID, including transactions, conversions, connections, and more.

  • Connect Every Platform

    Wherever your data or your customers’ data lives, connect it with our ubiquitous PersonID for any analytical application.

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