Creating the Whole Person Picture with the Help of Mobile Advertising IDs

You’ve heard that third-party cookies are going away, but what will advertisers use to improve their customer experience, target audiences, and all of the other benefits cookies have provided?

The answer is already here, and it’s in your pocket.

A Mobile Advertising ID (or MAID for short) is a unique, anonymous alphanumeric identifier that iOS or Android assigns to each mobile device. MAIDs were built for the advertising community, and are tied to an individual mobile device, which makes them precise in identifying specific people. Marketers use MAIDs for targeting audiences, usage tracking, and mobile behavioral tracking.

Like cookies, they connect activity back to a real person. And because they’re tied to an individual device, MAIDs can be an input for FullContact’s Identity Resolution to access the whole person.

Types of MAIDs

MAID Type Description Example
IDFA Identifier for Advertising (iOS) BCDE4299-01DT-98TC-D3F4-P57263876209
AAID Google Advertising ID for Android 28757bwa-bd67-6d1c74bb-ae4d19ab5d34


There are Endless Use Cases when Leveraging MAIDs

Amplify Your Media From Channel to Channel

If you have a postal mailing list, name & address, or email opt-in file of engaged prospects & customers, and you’d like to advertise to them through multiple channels, we can amplify your media reach and results. We provide you with additional identifiers, MAIDs and beyond, for you to activate on any platform.

Personalize the Customer Experience

If customers use their email to sign up for your monthly newsletter, you can enrich with MAIDs (as well as additional attributes) to personalize your messaging and segment your marketing campaigns to increase conversions and improve your customer experience.


As you advertise to potential prospects, you don’t want your already profitable customers seeing that same messaging. We can provide the MAIDs of your favorite customers to suppress advertising, avoiding inappropriate messaging, and creating a consistent and highly-tailored brand experience.

Consolidate and Connect

When you collect MAIDs, we can help you connect and consolidate the customer data from your CRM, allowing you to speak to your customers in an omnichannel fashion to streamline and improve your customer engagements.

Confused About the Difference Between MAIDs and Cookies?

It’s not one-to-one, but you can think of a MAID like a cookie for a mobile device. As third-party cookies are in decline, they’re ever-changing, and lack of specificity, MAIDs are a better alternative.

Cookie MAID
Average Lifespan 7 days 7-8 months
In-App Advertising No Yes
Continuous Sync Required? Yes No
Set By Websites, publishers, ad networks OS
Tracking Level Browser Individual


So what does the table above actually mean? Cookies are set by websites, publishers, and ad networks that need to continuously sync with DSPs and DMPs to triangulate an individual. Adding to the sync requirements, the lifespan of cookies is an average of 7 days. Since MAIDs are set by the operating system (not the browser), they’re common across all application publishers. So there’s no need to perform a sync, which can slow down identifying your customers and data collection. On top of that, the lifespan of a MAID is 7-8 months on average, keeping a persistent ID across and within a device.

Because MAIDs are tied to individual devices and cookies are tied to browsers, cookies are more likely to have inaccurate or misrepresented data. Being connected to a specific device also means that you can enrich MAIDs with additional insights, allowing you to segment and drive more personalized mobile ad campaigns. Not only are cookies unable to be enriched, but they also can’t track mobile in-app usage, which is where consumers spend the majority of their time when using a device.

If you’re interested in learning more about FullContact’s MAIDs capabilities, including MAIDs as a lookup input and our MAIDs Insights Bundle, you can talk with an expert.

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