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Our Leadership Team

Changing our industry requires change-makers. Our leadership team is focused on the positive impact of identity resolution and helping you own the future.

Bart Lorang

CEO, Co-founder

Entrepreneur, executive, investor, and manager with nearly thirty years of experience building software companies.

Rushton McGarr


With extensive knowledge in SaaS, from consumer products to enterprise solutions, Rushton combines analytical skills with deep operational knowledge.

Scott Brave


With research expertise from Stanford and MIT, Scott has built our Identibase™️ with billions of graph nodes and always values an ethical approach.

Chris Harrison


With an engineering approach and decades of experience designing marketing systems, Chris creates emotional connections between brands and consumers.

Our Board

As with any other board, our members ensure our company's prosperity. They collectively help guide the company's affairs while also meeting the appropriate interests of our shareholders.

Bart Lorang

CEO, Co-founder

Benedict Rocchio

Partner, Baird Capital

Chris Moody

Founder, Gnip

Chris Marks

Founder, Managing Director, Blue Note Ventures

Travis Todd


Our Investors

We’re on an epic mission. And we couldn’t pursue it without the steadfast support of our well respected local and national investors.

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