Integrate diverse, high-assurance, ethically-sourced data.


Balance security and compliance with customer experience.


Help your customers acquire and retain more legitimate business.

People are frustrated with lengthy ID processes

Which means brands are suffering increasing financial losses as legitimate prospective customers jump ship. All the while, shady fraudsters are getting more and more sophisticated.

So, what’s the rub?

Enhance security while reducing friction

Our demographic, geolocation, and mobile data signals help you enhance your solution security—while reducing the hoops people have to jump through for verification. Fewer hoops = better customer experience.


“FullContact is at the vanguard of companies leveraging their marketing expertise to forge new opportunities in digital identity. Look for FullContact to turn heads in the digital identity space as they continue to unlock the power of their identity graph and network to solve new customer challenges.”


Access our graph—but keep full control of your data

Many identity solutions require that you pool your customer data with other clients’ data in order to make use of the platform. Access our extensive identity graph without giving any of your data away.

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Identity solves for your most pressing pain points


Offer the best authentication experience

Provide highly accurate consumer authentication—without creating cumbersome customer experiences. Continuously improve quality and speed of linkages and signal data.

Optimize your models

Train your models and equip your signal hubs with billions of incremental data points, available via API and batch flat files.

Differentiate your fraud detection

Bridge terrestrial and digital identifiers with a single graph. Leverage impactful insights that are not available in traditional techniques. Obtain a risk score for any identifier.

Provide key insights about each customer

Offer clients a better understanding of visitors to fuel KYC efforts. Provide unparalleled customer insights from a variety of high-quality sources.

Easily integrate FullContact’s Verify

Verify provides real-time signals, matches and activity scores to identify real people and determine risk. Access diverse, high-assurance identity data—and resulting insights—via real-time API or batch intelligence install.

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Verify provides you with signal data—plus insights into how confident we are about a given person’s identity, activity, and risk level. Signals are highly specific and provide high-value information.
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Matches tell you whether or not your data on a specific person matches the data we have in our identity graph—and offers a risk score based on the match (or lack thereof).
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Verify provides a numerical score (0.0 to 1.0) that indicates how much activity we’ve seen from a specific identifier. This activity score indicates whether or not you’re dealing with an active identity.
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It’s time to future-proof your platform.

And leapfrog the competition. Integrate real-time identity resolution into your offerings—and give customers both a speedy and secure solution to ID verification and fraud prevention.

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