What Are The
Benefits of Media

With each additional identifier gained, you increase your ability to find your audience in another channel, increasing return on ad spend.


Increase Media Performance Through Coverage

Gain incremental touchpoints per person to increase omnichannel reach by 5X.

Long-Lasting Identifiers

Extend your media reach to your first-party Mobile Ad IDs and hashed emails. We provide additional anonymous identities for you to use across your ad platforms.

Why Data Onboarding is the Road Forward

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What is FullContact’s Approach to Media Amplification?

Call our real-time API with a single or multiple inputs, such as Name/Address, Name/Placekey ID, Phone Number, Email, or Mobile Ad ID, and receive an average of 5+ Mobile Ad IDs and hashed emails.


Add Incremental Touchpoints

Access our Identity Graph and add incremental identifiers at the individual level. See a 5X incremental lift on additional hashed emails and Mobile Ad IDs.


As you gain incremental touchpoints, apply them across your enterprise or take them to any provider.

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