Discover How FullContact is Building Trusted Customer Relationships through Snowflake's Native Application Framework

In Snowflake’s latest episode of “Powered by Snowflake,” host Daniel Myers sits down with FullContact Product Manager Jeff Rothe. 

“Identity resolution at its core is understanding your customers and the way that everyone interacts with a brand.”

FullContact Product Manager Jeff Rothe

Released in June 2023, FullContact for Snowflake enables businesses to build an enriched, person-level customer view by unifying fragmented data natively within the Snowflake Data Cloud.  The app bridges online and offline activities to map fragmented identifiers to real people, enabling organizations to recognize more site visitors and drive consistent, personalized experiences.

In the episode, Jeff shares how FullContact for Snowflake helps Snowflake customers make the most of their first-party data by:

✔️ Enabling a 360° customer view 

Recently recognized as a leader in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report, FullContact empowers consistent communication by unifying fragmented identifiers into one golden record. With a consolidated view of your customer, you boost your ability to personalize your messaging in a way that motivates a purchase or specific call to action. 

✔️ Identifying unauthenticated website visitors

FullContact for Snowflake can help you engage in real-time by recognizing people even without authentication. FullContact sits at the forefront of event collection to assign each visitor a persistent personID. These portable identifiers can empower better site personalization, help you improve marketing measurement, and increase your conversion rate. 

✔️ Amplifying media reach by 3X

FullContact for Snowflake helps businesses improve their marketing ROI and increase their marketing reach through its data enrichment capabilities.  Reach your audience no matter how they present themselves online by appending additional hashed emails and mobile Ad IDs. 

✔️ Leveraging Snowflake’s native app framework

A privacy-conscious company, FullContact prioritizes consumer consent and permissions. Your customer data stays within Snowflake, not another data silo. FullContact uses a myriad of trusted data sources to build its Identity Graph, including its own proprietary data. This app allows you to access billions of identifiers within the Snowflake Data Cloud without transferring your data to an outside third party. 

Get Started with FullContact for Snowflake 

FullContact understands the unique challenges of handling customer data and monetizing an online platform. We do the heavy lifting concerning our data linkages’ accuracy, recency, and freshness while maintaining complex data structures, freeing you to focus on doing better business. 

To take FullContact for Snowflake for a 14-day test run, get started today by visiting

Thank you, Snowflake, for allowing us to share more about the exciting things happening with FullContact for Snowflake!

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