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FullContact Launches a Snowflake Native App in the Data Cloud: FullContact for Snowflake

FullContact for Snowflake enables joint customers to unify customer data and identify site visitors for a full 360° view

LAS VEGAS – June 27, 2023 – FullContact today announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, the availability of FullContact for Snowflake, a Snowflake Native App on Snowflake Marketplace. FullContact for Snowflake builds an enriched, person-level customer view by unifying fragmented data and identifying site traffic.

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, announced that the Snowflake Native App Framework (public preview on AWS) is now available for developers to build and test apps natively in the Data Cloud with additional distribution and monetization capabilities in public preview soon. Snowflake Native Apps usher in a new era of data collaboration, enabling developers with the tools needed to create robust apps quickly with Snowflake’s high availability and auto-scalability, all the while reducing security and procurement hurdles for customers because the apps run directly within the customers’ Snowflake accounts.

“The FullContact Snowflake Native App enables customers to seamlessly unify, deduplicate, and increase connections with their records — all within their Snowflake account — without having to move or replicate their data,” said Chris Child, Senior Director of Product Management, Snowflake. “This drives immense value for organizations looking to unify customer data, while still ensuring that all data is secure and governed within Snowflake’s unified platform.”

Snowflake Marketplace already has over 25 new Snowflake Native Apps available today, and over one hundred providers are currently developing apps that span multiple industries and use cases. FullContact is one of the leading organizations building in the Data Cloud, with a Snowflake Native App readily available to easily bring unique insights to end users and enable them to unlock value with just a few clicks on Snowflake Marketplace. By being Powered by Snowflake, FullContact can create new revenue streams by distributing its app to thousands of Snowflake customers, without these customers having to move or expose their data.

FullContact for Snowflake helps businesses gain a complete and accurate view of each customer by recognizing website visitors, unifying disparate customer data, and amplifying media reach with mobile ad IDs and hashed emails — natively within Snowflake. The Snowflake Native App bridges online and offline activities to map fragmented identifiers to real people, enabling organizations to drive consistent, personalized experiences.

“We’re excited to partner with Snowflake to offer a powerful solution that enables a full 360° customer view, all while keeping privacy and security at the forefront,” said FullContact CEO Chris Harrison. “FullContact for Snowflake operates seamlessly within our customers’ Snowflake accounts to help data-driven businesses better personalize marketing campaigns, improve customer retention, optimize sales strategies, and increase revenue.”

Learn more about Snowflake’s continued innovations, and how it is enabling organizations to distribute and monetize leading apps at scale in the Data Cloud here. Be sure to check out the Snowflake Summit 2023 keynotes live or on-demand here, and stay on top of the latest news and announcements from Snowflake on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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FullContact is a privacy-safe Identity Resolution company building trust between people and brands. We deliver the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences, improve ad targeting along with measurement as well as improve identity verification and fraud solutions by unifying data and applying insights in the moments that matter. For more information, please visit

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