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How to increase your ecommerce conversions in 30 days—or less

When you’re in charge of an ecomm site, you always have a number to hit.

Maybe you’re a VP of Digital or a Director of eCommerce at Famous Footwear or Williams Sonoma or Coach, and you need to deliver $50M this year.

You’re going all in on customer data and single customer view to deliver that ah-mazing, uber personalized experience everyone’s demanding these days.

But it’s still not quite coming together as you expected. The expensive CDP you invested in isn’t quite delivering on the identity resolution it promised, and your customer experience is still a bit fragmented (which means it’s not delivering on that number like it could be).

So, what the heck is going wrong? And what’s a retail marketer to do about it?

Why CDPs aren’t the whole solution

The promise of a customer data platform is pretty straightforward—unify all of your customer data so you can see and interact with real people. Understand them and give them the personalized experiences they want, and they’ll buy more from your brand.

CDPs are pretty good at bringing together customer data from your various marketing systems and silos (your website, your app, your marketing automation, etc.).

But they’re just not the cure-all, magic-marketing-and-personalization tool you may have expected.

As Gartner reported in their 2020 Marketing Technology Survey:

“Marketers report high utilization of CDP capabilities, yet ‘lack of a customer data foundation’ remains a top impediment to success. This underscores CDP vendors’ struggle in delivering against the expectation of unified customer data.”

The problem is that consolidating customer touchpoints is only the first step in a broader identity strategy. For example, a CDP cannot:

    • Identify unknown(unauthenticated) website visitors in real-time
    • Help you reach your customers outside of your owned properties
    • Enrich your customer profiles with third-party data from outside your brand’s owned properties

You might know that customer Nicole has visited your footwear website from her laptop, purchased some new kicks for the kids (yay, back to school!), and read a few of your emails. But you probably won’t know it’s Nicole when she visits you again from her phone and hasn’t logged in.

And you won’t know she has two young boys, ages 8 and 9, that play football.

You also won’t be able to confidently reach Nicole in the external platforms, websites and apps she frequents.

If you did have all of these insights and capabilities, you might choose to serve Nicole some ads for boys football cleats in her Weather Channel app, then show her these items in her kids’ sizes when she arrives on site.

Sounds like a good way to drive some online sales, right? It is. But CDPs can’t do it alone. So, now what?

Drive traffic and ecomm conversions with identity resolution

When you or your team need to increase your website sales, there are three ways to attack your growth goals:

    1. Get more traffic
    2. Increase website conversions
    3. Increase your average order

Identity resolution admittedly offers little value when it comes to increasing average order value, so we’ll leave those in-cart tactics to you.

But a robust identity solution based on a real identity graph makes a big, fast impact on your traffic and website conversions.

3X your reach with your best customers

There are lots and lots and lots of providers that promise to help you bring more traffic to your website. But it’s typically pretty expensive.

You need to pay your advertising partner. You need to pay Google for the ads you’re running. You may need to pay a third-party data provider to find the people you need to reach. And the people that show up may or may not be valuable customers.

How would you like to get just your best customers to your site—for less money?

Identity resolution amplifies your media reach by 3X by simply adding more hashed emails and mobile ad IDs to find your best customers in online channels.

Recognize 50% more of your unauthenticated website traffic

Okay, you’ve got more people on the website. What do you do with them once they arrive? How do you get them to actually buy something?

Identity resolution lets you see, in real-time, who is actively browsing on your website. And when you can recognize your customers, you can personalize their content based on their historical interactions with your brand.

(Like when Nicole shows up and you serve her ads for boys’ shoes.)

No history? No problem. Identity resolution also informs your next-best action for unauthenticated visitors with relevant third-party data.

For example, transaction data may show your unauthenticated visitor is likely in-market for running shoes. Show her your promotions on sneakers and other running gear instead of the promotion for professional footwear (it’s an awful lot of casual, WFH footwear these days).

Identity Resolution helps you to recognize at least 50% more people as they arrive on your site, allowing you to serve each person more personalized products and offers—and guide his or her shopping experience.

We often see brands increase conversions by 30%+ with little to no increase in spend.


And these personalization efforts can be simple. In our shoe store example, you may create separate offers for:

    • Male versus female visitor
    • Parents versus non-parents
    • Athletes versus non-athletes
    • Sale buyers

The options are endless.

Now, imagine implementing this kind of program before Black Friday.

How long does it take to get started?

Technology implementations can be a long, drawn-out, complex bummer, and you’ve certainly done enough of them.

Thankfully, FullContact’s identity resolution is an API. It’s literally plug and play—get it up and running and growing your ecomm sales in less than a day.

That means it’s not too late to use identity resolution to:

    • Identify your holiday shoppers
    • Improve their shopping experience
    • Drive incremental holiday purchases
    • Blow holiday 2021 out of the water

To increase your ecomm conversions ASAP, get in touch.

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