FullContact makes Super Bowl Monday an Official Company Holiday

At FullContact, we have a bunch of fun HR policies. There is the world famous Paid Paid Vacation. There are Powder Days. There is One Month of Work Remote. And many, many more.

People ask me how we come up with these policies?

It’s pretty simple: We think about a place we would want to work, where there’s a high level of trust and autonomy and our company is Awesome with its Employees, and then we design policies accordingly.

So every year when the Super Bowl comes around, I think to myself – “Why don’t we make the Monday after the Super Bowl a Holiday?”

This year, we finally decided to do something about it. Today, I wrote an e-mail to the company announcing the policy. I’ve copied and pasted it verbatim:

Hey FullContacters,

As you know, the Denver Broncos are facing the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday.

We’ll cheer our team on, enjoy the commercials, drink beer and eat lots of food. And I mean lots of food - more food is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than on Thanksgiving!

Then the Monday after the Super Bowl comes. Inevitably, lots of people call in sick and productivity at the office is dramatically lower.

One study has it costing America $170M in productivity.

It’s for this reason that there has been a petition to the White House to make the Monday after the Superbowl a national holiday.

In fact, 26% of Americans believe that Super Bowl Monday should be a National Holiday!

Year after year - I ask myself - “Why don’t we make it a holiday at FullContact?”

So this year, with the Broncos in the Super Bowl (both Travis and myself are diehard fans) - we decided to do something about it.

On Monday, February 8th, coming to work is totally up to you. You can take the day off. You can sleep in. You can work from home. You can work from the office. DO WHAT YOU WANT.

Your OKRs remain your OKRs. Your monthly & quarterly goals remain the same and don’t change. Use your good judgment! We trust you!

Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday (and Monday) - and GO BRONCOS!

Naturally, the team was pretty excited 🙂

FullContact's reaction to my e-mail in Slack
FullContact’s reaction to my e-mail in Slack

Did I mention that FullContact is hiring?

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