SalesWings Takes Lead Enrichment to New Heights with FullContact

SalesWings, a high-tech solution provider based out of Lausanne, Switzerland, maintains a relentless obsession with the sales process. That’s why the company was formed–to help businesses increase sales and create more customers.

“We put your hottest leads at the top of the list,” says Philip Schweizer, Co-founder, CEO, and Head of Product. “We recognized that not every organization wants or needs a sales automation system. We built a simple, yet powerful website tracking and lead prioritization solution for everyone.”

Specifically, SalesWings offers a solution to track, score and prioritize sales leads and ultimately win more business. It integrates with any email marketing solution, web form, landing page tool, or sales prospecting software to provide real-time notifications. Moreover, it takes advantage of identity resolution and enrichment data as a crucial component to giving sales reps customer insight.

FullContact allows us to deliver faster lead qualification using complete data and real-time updates,” explains Schweizer. “We built a better solution that meets our customer’s needs, and gives them the ability to accelerate the sales cycle.”

SalesWings Takes Flight

SalesWings began its business journey by providing a way for brands to perform sales automation without adding more technology, since adding more systems often only adds complexity and efficiency to processes. In fact, TechCrunch recently reported that a survey by CMO Council and RedPoint Global revealed only 3% of respondents felt all of their automation, engagement and deployment tools were fully connected, with data, metrics and insights traveling freely between different technologies.

In addition, the company recognized that for many businesses, prioritizing sales activity can become a chaotic conundrum. There are automated processes in place to capture data, but no real methodology in place to parse out priority or “hot” contact data from the ever-increasing white noise of general lead data.

Schweizer recognized these needs first-hand as a senior salesperson. As an entrepreneur, he wanted to do something about it. His vision was to build a solution that helped sales teams close more deals without forcing businesses to invest in additional enterprise platforms.

After the launch of the SalesWings solution in 2015, the company immediately began interviewing customers for feedback to improve the next iteration. Over the course of extensive research and development–the same questions surfaced:

  • Who are the people associated with the lead?
  • What are their roles in the organization?
  • Are they decision makers?
  • Where are they located?

What they discovered through the course of product research and market research was the need for enriching data with customer intelligence. This business driver led them to research and test FullContact identity resolution.

With previous experience using FullContact apps, Schweizer became familiar with the FullContact API platform, which would provide vast arrays of publicly available social data. Sales staff would better understand the contact as a complete person–and gain instant insight into the all-important question of what task would they perform next. After testing and competitive due diligence, SalesWings made the selection of FullContact as its identity resolution provider.

“FullContact had a complete database of insights, and we had great relationships with their staff, which is why we moved forward with them,” adds Schweizer.

SalesWings Soars

Today, SalesWings takes advantage of the ability to locate every social profile associated with an individual and to integrate them into a single, seamless record. For companies deploying the SalesWings solution, they instantly improve off-the-shelf email and web solutions by adding web tracking and lead scoring, and facilitating marketing and sales alignment on leads. They run the full gamut of industries, including finance, mortgage, insurance, recruitment, manufacturing, and high tech.

The organizations, with sales teams ranging from five to ten or more reps and with marketing campaigns that yield 10-500 new leads per week, previously faced data challenges including incomplete data, data housed in silos, and static data collection and maintenance that lacks recency. With FullContact, the SalesWings solution can take one or two data points, such as an email address or a phone number, and integrate and enrich data seamlessly.

“This removes performing internet searches in the hopes of locating a piece of information” says Schweizer. “It optimizes your salesforce, so they spend their time on the most important leads.”

Lead Intelligence

SalesWings gives customers the ability to instantly gain a snapshot of tracked leads, including contact info, company size, job position, education, social profiles, interests, and more. The customer intelligence, supplied by FullContact, enhances the relationship building process. It gives insights into who a prospect is on a personal level.

Users can begin conversations and nurture leads by understanding where prospects live, which brands they buy, as well as related interest and behavioral data.

Lead Scoring

Saleswings allows users to determine whether a lead is worth pursuing. SalesWings looks at web traffic, interactions, and profiles to determine a score that informs your marketing and sales staff which leads are ready for customer contact, which may need additional nurturing, and which do not qualify.

A key component to the scoring involves customer identification, and viewing attributable data that goes beyond interactions with the brand. That’s where FullContact data comes in. Injecting relevant details such as a customer’s online influencer score; topics of interest; and lifestyle, brand, and product affinities that combine to accurately score a lead to determine the next steps a brand should take.

Lead Prioritization

If the lead is qualified, the customer record is automatically highlighted for the sales rep, instantly providing a view into a wealth of information to prioritize sales activity. Instead of manually performing a client search using Google, LinkedIn, or other search engines and social platforms, which could take several minutes, SalesWings supplies lead data in seconds.

For instance, a user can instantly see whether the lead is a CEO for a mid-sized retail company located in the sales reps region, indicating a contact with budget and authority; or if the lead is a postgraduate student interested in doctoral research around consumer buying behavior. Having customer insight into whether the person meets the criteria for successful selling helps focus on quality opportunities, maximizing resources and giving the business a competitive edge.  

“The overall result of these processes, improved with FullContact, is the ability to speed up the lead qualification process, which increases ROI for every closed sale,” says Schweizer.

The Next Ascension

For SalesWings, producing high-value for customers that results in high-cost savings is, again, an obsession and never-ending quest. The company is now innovating how to provide prioritization for the entire lead database so that real-time, precise segmentation can take place. With FullContact data playing a role, SalesWings will be able to segment large databases in minutes, providing deep audience insights along with real-time tagging and other features that enable sales to perform account-based marketing, influencer outreach, and other functions.

You can also check out the PDF case study in the FullContact Resource Library.

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