FullContact and Research Now SSI Enable New Insights via the Power of Social Data

Ever since social media first broke onto the scene in the early 21st century, it has become a relevant medium for communication. People highlight life events, air grievances, and share their experiences and preferences. Never before have we had access to such an abundance of consumer data as the number of users only continues to grow around the globe.   Data is useful for timely insights, particularly concerning consumer needs and behavioral trends that are opportune and relevant.

Businesses seek to derive richer insights from data in order to make better, smarter, data-driven decisions: it is this demand for depth of knowledge that has fueled reliance on big data. Social media is a type of big data that can spur fresh thinking about potential customers and prospects, especially when integrated with primary market research.

The Role of Social Data: Its importance in the data continuum

Social data can be particularly enticing to businesses as it offers multiple uses; it can be used to track market trends, campaign ROI, and competitors; identify industry influencers or topics to research; and measure share of voice, among many other use cases. However, when combined with social data, primary market research enables businesses to understand the underlying attitudes and motivations behind social activity.

In fact, according to Research Now SSI and Lawless Research, a third of companies surveyed found that social media data provided great value when merged with survey data. Primary research data providers can prove critical when looking to gain insight into the “why” aspect behind data.

The Right Data Partners are Critical to Leveraging Data Effectively

When it comes to how big data – like social data – provides value, it’s important to understand that it’s not the amount of data that’s important; it’s what organizations do with the data to make it smarter and more relevant that matters.

Primary data providers – like Research Now SSI – with access to millions of deeply-profiled individuals can be the missing puzzle piece when trying to connect disparate data sets together. Understanding the attitudes and behaviors of the right audience – and effectively activating them – is easier said than done for marketers and researchers. This is where integrating first-party client data (the What) and primary research data (the Why and How) with third-party data like social data (the Who and What Else) enables businesses to gather additional insights that pertain to their wide variety of needs. With so much ‘Who’ and ‘What Else’ data available, finding the right primary research data source is key.

Across a myriad of industries, social data integrated with survey data can provide an added level of insight beyond core data assets. For example, marketers and researchers can use integrated social data to help drive an impact in business results by leveraging observed behaviors connected to the ’why’ behind those behaviors for a deeper understanding of their target market.

Primary research data providers that leverage third-party partnerships prove even more critical to offering a comprehensive consumer view. Research Now SSI and FullContact offer a partnership that enables marketers and researchers to enrich and expand consumer views to gain new insights. These insights include understanding lifecycles based on demographic, social lifestyle, and brand engagement that will spur fresh thinking and optimize marketing strategies.

For more information on the partnership between FullContact and Research Now SSI, click here.

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