Who Moved My Customer? - Embracing Multichannel Marketing

It seems like every day there is a new platform or device your consumers use to interact with your brand, creating more complexity in how you message to them. Your customers use social, email, and mobile multiple times throughout the day. And while they move from device to device, platform to platform, your brand could be interacting with them in every channel.

There’s a big opportunity for you to give consumers a great experience with your company from the very first interaction— but it requires your marketing team to use various data, tools and systems to get there. The investment is worth making because brands that engage clients through multiple channels see an 89% loyalty retention rate.

Multichannel marketing is a strategy that reaches across platforms, to move prospective customers down the funnel and maximize your brand’s opportunities to interact with them. Whether it’s email, print ads, a website, social media, or a mobile app, customers expect you to provide a seamless and personalized experience. In fact, 73% of consumers use multiple engagement channels in their interactions with a single preferred retailer.

How can you increase the amount of channels and platforms your brand is on while still maintaining a consistent experience for your customer?

Enter identity resolution.

If your customers use more than one device to interact with your brand, the place where their information is stored is more than likely siloed and fragmented. For instance, their data on a professional networking site may not match what’s inside your CRM or marketing automation software.

Let’s use a real world example.

Meet Madeline.

Madeline is a Customer Success Manager working at a startup in Charlotte, NC. She just moved into a new place from a small town in Florida with her new husband.

New address. New last name. New job.

New digital footprint, right?


Identity resolution can update the customer data inside your CRM, marketing automation, and countless other tools to realize that Madeline Smith from Smallville, FL is in fact Madeline Jones in Charlotte, NC.

Identity resolution analyzes billions of pieces of information using a powerful machine learning engine that ties together an individual’s separate online identities. Using an email address, social handles, phone numbers, or limited demographic data, you can enrich contact data to create complete profiles.

With accurate customer data powered by identity resolution,  you can market to Madeline with a consistent message, across devices and channels, so she can have a better experience with your brand.

Here’s how identity resolution makes multichannel marketing possible:

  1. You can sync fragmented data across platforms and departments to keep strategy and messaging aligned. From sales to customer support, from marketing to product, your customer information lives in many different places within your organization. To provide concise and clear messaging, you need to see the entire view of your customer. Identity resolution allows you to bring together each part of a customer’s profile for optimal outreach.
  2. Now that your customer data is enriched and synced, you can leverage new and existing channels with updated, refreshed customer data. Coordinating a multichannel marketing campaign powered by identity resolution means you have the ability to bring together email, digital advertising, inbound marketing and triggered workflows — all while ensuring the data you use is updated in real-time for expert segmentation.
  3. Use identity resolution to engage with customers while still delivering a single experience. In fact, 90 percent of consumers said they expect the customer experience to be consistent across channels and devices used to interact with brands. You can ensure your customer experience is consistent if you segment, tailor and personalize the interactions and engagements for your customers. Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time in the right channel with the same experience. Build personas based on deep knowledge of customer interests, demographics, affinities and topics so you can communicate with your audience on the platform of their choice.
  4. Access a single view of your customers to verify their identity and personalize your interactions. Using interests, affinities and other relevant insights to create an authentic relationship, customers can become influencers and brand advocates. Dive deeper into your database to find lookalike customers — using identity resolution to find the similarities not visible from transactional data— and maximize influence, and ROI, every step of the customer journey.

Want to learn more about using identity resolution to power your multichannel marketing efforts? Download our use case data sheet in our Resource Library.

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