In the Age of the Customer, Nothing Matters More Than Relationships

Many marketers today are rapidly adjusting their strategies to keep up with customer expectations and relying on technology to help facilitate better customer experiences. In 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the most critical brand differentiator. To compete, businesses will have to do more than build, market, and sell to audiences. They will need to deliver truly exceptional experiences. And to do that, businesses need to know their customers in meaningful ways.

Data-driven marketing is the preferred strategy of marketers that are looking to cut through the noise and content shock that crowds blog and social platforms. By evaluating metrics like downloads, shares, and form fills, we’ve become accustomed to looking at customers as numbers instead of individual people looking for a solution.

Understanding your customers’ pain points will get them to patronize your business. But interacting with a genuine interest in them as human beings will make them customers for life.

How can you make this happen for your business?

Unifying data points on individuals can help brands communicate authentically and engage their customers using affinity and interest data that goes beyond transactional information. B2C and B2B brands can manage data collected from multiple sources —including web, smartphones, internet devices, and email —while at the same time building one-to-one relationships.

The marketing team at FullContact is learning along with you — and figuring out the best way to message and market our identity resolution and insights platform. We’re taking the articles and content we normally share between our team and compiling them in a curated newsletter that will help marketing and data professionals create authentic relationships with their customers and prospects.


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