Enrich Enriched

Well before our newly released product functionality, conversations began as murmurs and turned into a roar of what our customers and partners needed: real-time recognition, understanding, and engagement capabilities with their customers.

Here’s a sample of what we heard:

“We want to recognize an individual at every touchpoint, across all channels.”

“How can I reduce fraud for my company across all departments?”

“How do we uncover multi-dimensional insights to better understand each individual I interact with on a daily basis?

“What can we learn about an individual to better understand what they’re interested in for enhanced communication?”

“What steps can I take to create better channel consistency and centralization for enhanced customer engagement?”

“We need to engage in real-time with our consumers using personalized insights.”

“I need to better understand our marketing and measure the insights that provide incremental value.”

After hearing feedback like this time and time again, we at FullContact decided to take it back to square one. We decided to start with mise en place.

Mise en place is generally used when referring to cooking, but much like the professional chefs we, too, knew that we needed to get our “mess in place.” Therefore, FullContact needed to get all of our ingredients together in one place, and make the solution (our product) better than before — and better than our competitors — while remaining aligned with our company values.

Here’s a bit of what went into our mise en place:

    • Improve match and fill rates by allowing FullContact customers to be able to look-up with multiple identifiers
    • Deliver back a persistent ID that is unique for each customer
    • Expand the data-driven insights available for customers — not only for individuals but also for professional data
    • Close the gap between offline and online identities

The Initial Discovery

The inspiration for cooking this up was our clients, who were hungry for this capability. They saw that the worlds of Adtech and Martech are colliding with one another and that there is an asset to resolve back to an individual consumer. All while the notion of identity becomes increasingly important through both a privacy and consent lenses.

We want to make it easy: easy to engage, easy to integrate, and easy to enhance your relationships and business. Thus, it was easy to accept the challenge of building better relationships and enhancing our original recipe.

When we first met as a team we knew we needed to get our mise en place, solve our customers’ challenges, and help lead the industry in understanding Identity Resolution. As the discussions progressed, it became apparent that FullContact was serendipitously positioned within the ecosystem. We realized that FullContact was the ultimate graph of people, places, and things:

The most comprehensive Identity Graph
    • Deterministic data with statistically sound algorithms
    • Ability to connect online and offline identities
    • Individual-centric not media-centric
    • Expansive consumer and market data
    • Resolution of fragmented data sets
    • Real-time API access and 100% parity with batch
Domain experience
    • Leading tech stack
    • Decades of experience with market leaders
Level of transparency
    • Data and sourcing
    • Product processes and roadmap
    • Human-powered Data Research Team that continuously validates the data
    • Patented Graph Technology with tunable confidence levels
    • Industry-leading privacy and security best practices
    • Strict code of conduct around data practices
    • Pending SOC2 Type II certification
    • Privacy Shield
    • GDPR

The data and technology that fuels FullContact allows for a seamless transition into the future state of ID Resolution, for verticals such as Fraud, Auto, D2C, Retail, CPG, Travel/Hospitality, CRM Automation, ESPs, Analytics and B2B partners.

Bringing the Data & Technology Driven Ingredients Together

As rebooting was underway, each team from Sales to Engineering to Finance worked to ensure that the new features and functionalities would help solve a multitude of problems. These customer challenges spanned social customer care, fraud prevention, understanding brand sentiment, real-time customer engagement (online to offline), personalization, lead enrichment, and customer segmentation.

Enhancing & Expanding FullContact Enrich

With the new and improved Enrich product, FullContact has cooked up solutions that enable customers and partners to match on one or many input fields using Multi-Field lookup and matching capabilities:

  • Multiple emails across both personal and business (hashed and/or plain text)
  • Digital identifiers
  • Phone numbers
  • Name and postal address location
  • Social handles/URLs/IDs

The Multi-Field enhancements increase both match and fill rates of a person’s profile and enrichment insights provided to our customers and partners at an average of 75-85% compared to previous match rates.

We also created Person Enrichment Insights Bundles (formerly Data Packs) for all use cases and customer needs. These give our partners insight on individuals’ household information, social affinities, employment history, shopping habits, lifestyles and more. Each Insights Bundle is specifically chosen by each customer/partner, allowing flexibility and specialization across all customer interactions.

Delivery Mechanisms

FullContact allows flexibility in how we deliver data to customers and partners. Enhancements have been made to both our API and batch processes such that we have been able to scale with the growth of our partners. FullContact can respond to a requested profile within milliseconds to our API partners while still allowing for tens of millions of records to be processed for those utilizing our batch delivery capability.

Depending on the customer’s preference, FullContact is malleable enough to work with a multitude of inputs for any desirable output. Regardless of the delivery mechanism, the match rate, accuracy and precision are in parity with one another.

The Outcome

If you’re hungry to better understand and connect disparate data sets, craving the ability to enhance the performance of your customers with increased accuracy, precision and reach, and bake it at scale, with real-time resolution in a privacy-compliant manner, test us out here or contact our team to answer any questions to help get started today.

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