When a great place to work becomes a Great Place To Work®

“A happy workplace is not just a place to make money. It’s a healthy, empowering culture that allows each person to thrive as both a professional and a person.”

FullContact takes great pride in announcing that, as a result of our teamwork and nurturing culture, FullContact’s India office in Kochi has been certified as a Great Place to Work® by the internationally renowned Great Place to Work Institute. 

Great Place to Work Badge - Certified FullContact India

Building an excellent culture has always been a top priority for FullContact. It takes an amazing group of people who are committed to a common goal and well established company values.

We at FullContact believe that to bring out the best in each employee, he or she must be provided with a culturally enriched and fair working environment. FullContact has always made sure that our people are respected, valued and given the best of opportunities. This Great Place to Work award confirms that our company has delivered on that commitment.

The Certification Process

The goal of making FullContact among the top 350 SMEs that are currently certified as a Great Place to Work®, was something fresh and challenging for our organization. 

The Great Place to Work® Institute executed a comprehensive evaluation of all kinds of factors. Among other things, the criteria included assessing employee relationships, management practices and a careful review of employee benefits.

In addition, FullContact has always distinguished itself from most other companies because it does not view its employees as simply a workforce but rather as highly valued “members”. This singular company spirit is reflected in the positive attitude and energy level of the employees who consider their office as a “home away from home”. They face hurdles together as a team. 

The level of happiness and satisfaction of our employees who form the rock pillars of our organization, was an impetus for us to apply for the highly regarded “Great Place to Work” certification.

The thorough three month process of certification began with a survey, a lengthy set of questions, of our team members. At least 70% of our employees had to certify that FullContact Technologies is a great place to work in order to meet the Trust Index value of the organization. 

The next step was a Culture Audit which involved a detailed assessment of the company’s HR practices. Finally, based on the overall evaluation process including the HR assessment, FullContact met all of the necessary criteria and was certified as a Great Place to Work.

FullContact India team

The Flight Forward

This achievement is a driving force and it is viewed as a new beginning for each one of us at FullContact. Together we are now aiming for something even bigger and better in the future. The strength of togetherness and making it to the top as a team was not easy but we made it a reality. FullContact will continue to stand strong by embracing our core values and providing exceptional service to our employees and customers alike. 

This certification ensures FullContact will continue to provide an outstanding workplace with a respectful, empowering culture to meet even higher standards in the future. Being certified as a Great Place to work reinforces our position as a strong employer brand and instills pride in our team members, whom we consider to be our greatest asset. This latest process of assessment through two different lenses made us analyze and better understand where we stand. FullContact, given today’s crowded marketplace, is more committed than ever to our key values that enrich our employee and customer relationships.

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