Release: FullContact and LiveIntent Create an Integrated Solution Providing Online and Offline Identity Resolution at the Person-Level 

FullContact and LiveIntent Create an Integrated Solution Providing Online and Offline Identity Resolution at the Person-Level 

Empowering publishers, brands, and technology providers with real-time person-level marketing capabilities, without relying on third-party cookies 

 August 11th, 2020:  LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address, today announced a partnership with FullContact, the industry leader in consumer Identity Resolution as a Service. The partnership delivers the ability to map offline and online data to a portable, omnichannel, persistent ID. This mapping works in real-time across devices, channels, and platforms. Before now, this capability only rested in the hands of a select few who have restricted the flow of data to benefit themselves. The LiveIntent and FullContact partnership empowers brands by ensuring data flows to the brand, not away from them. This solution provides higher accuracy and a longer life-span than third-party cookies. Brands gain the ability to improve their customer experience by recognizing and understanding the people who engage with them. 

“Our combined solution is what the industry has been asking for.” said Kurt Hawks, Chief Revenue Officer of FullContact, “This puts the control of person-level information into the hands of the marketer to create competitive differentiation. Marketers that embed this information into their four walls and start their transition into the cookieless world will see media targeting, customer experience, and measurement benefits. This is the innovation that the market needs right now.”

This solution combines FullContact’s PersonID and LiveIntent’s nonID. FullContact’s PersonID is a persistent, portable identifier mapped to PII, business and personal identifiers, mobile ad IDs, emails, social handles, and thousands of insights about each person. LiveIntent’s stableID, named the nonID, acts as a way of predicting the primary email address associated with a device or browser and has a 1:1 relationship to an email address. LiveIntent’s nonID and FullContact’s PersonID are open and connect to all Identity offerings and solutions, including a brand’s offline CRM files. Both the nonID and PersonID are engineered with consent and security in mind and are not reversible. 

“This partnership is a realization of the LiveIntent mission to connect brands with people,” said Jon DeGennaro, VP, Identity at LiveIntent. “Together, FullContact and LiveIntent are providing a stronger framework for brands and publishers to have incremental touchpoints that solve their business problems now and in the upcoming era where the third-party cookie loses its prominence. Between FullContact and LiveIntent, we are able to stitch any first-party data to the combined online IDs for targeting and measurement that works in a world where the average person has multiple devices and where the third-party cookie’s role will be diminished.”

The partnership creates capabilities that are far beyond simple targeting and measurement. The combined power of the nonID and PersonID builds a unified view of customers and prospects in real-time, and enables omnichannel 1:1 customer recognition. This extends to websites visit,  onboarding/media placements, call centers, loyalty programs/CRM, omnichannel measurement, and more. Because the nonID offers a path back to the anonymized email address through an encrypted email hash, the marketer, vendor, and their Data Science teams can decide how to leverage it. 

FullContact’s PersonID acts as a persistent, omnichannel and portable identity layer, creating a real-time media feedback loop to enable faster optimization. This allows brands to aggregate granular event-level data for media mix modeling. The partnership provides more data so that customers can understand connections and accuracy on their own, with their own models, without being tied to any platform’s definition of truth.

“The opportunities for marketers and publishers to leverage the partnership are nearly limitless,” said Matt Keiser, LiveIntent founder and CEO. “By marrying offline data to online Identity with such a complete graph, marketers and publishers can thrive in a world without third-party cookies by still being able to: perform measurement and attribution, execute people-based marketing, trigger emails, drive personalization, achieve Identity Resolution, responsibly perform consent management, execute audience targeting, integrate marketing automation and analytics, optimize recommendations, allow advertisers and DSPs to transact on a stable identifier across their inventory, and so much more. We’re putting power in the hands of brands, publishers, and technology providers, not the walled gardens.”


About LiveIntent

LiveIntent, one of the world’s largest people-based marketing platforms, connects 2,500 publishing and advertising brands with over 290MM verified people every month across all types of media. With the anonymized email address at the center of its industry-leading identity graph, LiveIntent provides brands with solutions that help them monetize, acquire, and retain real people, even where cookies don’t work. LiveIntent enriches a brands’ data, making it possible for them to deepen their understanding of their audiences, and more effectively market to people wherever they are present and paying attention. LiveIntent is home to over 160 people worldwide with offices in New York, Berlin, and Copenhagen.


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About FullContact

FullContact is a privacy-safe Identity Resolution company building trust between people and brands, while also putting people and brands in control of their information. Their patented identity graph enables accurate, secure Identity Resolution for more than one billion people globally. FullContact delivers the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences by unifying data and applying insights in the moments that matter. FullContact is headquartered in Denver, with offices in Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, and Kochi, India. For more information, please visit www.fullcontact.com.

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