FullContact Launches Two New Solutions: Omnichannel Targeting and Real-Time Insights

These innovative solutions help companies increase their revenue by connecting with customers across devices and channels to drive meaningful customer journeys.

DENVER — September 16, 2020FullContact, the industry leader in consumer Identity Resolution as a service, has released the next generation in Identity Resolution solutions designed to empower companies to connect with their ideal customers in more places than ever before and to understand the whole person behind any fragmented identities.

“Marketers are increasingly focused on leveraging their first-party data,” said Chris Harrison, CEO of FullContact. “We improve reach and performance for our customers with the ability to engage real people through a myriad of channels. This is incredibly important for brands leading up to the holiday season.”

Omnichannel Targeting

The Omnichannel Targeting solution enables companies to add multiple identifiers to a target audience. By leveraging Mobile Ad IDs, hashed emails, postal addresses (business & professional), phone numbers (business & professional), and more, companies can improve their reach and connect with customers across devices and channels. FullContact maps missing identifiers to a brand’s first-party data in real-time, providing an average of 5+ incremental Mobile Ad IDs and hashed emails per individual, which can then be used to reach the right consumers across devices.

“In addition to helping brands increase their reach to their target audiences, we can also recognize those same audiences as they’re engaging across your platforms. This enables you to provide a more relevant customer experience and increased conversion,” Kurt Hawks, Chief Revenue Officer.

Real-Time Insights

With the Real-Time Insights solution, companies can deliver a meaningful brand experience and drive higher conversions by understanding the whole person behind a single contact point in real-time. With over 200 million updates to FullContact’s Identity Graph each day, brands can ensure messaging is relevant in every interaction, delivering new insights using a real-time API to immediately impact the brand experience and customer journey.

Marketers face the challenge of meeting the expectations of people who expect highly personalized experiences, while also dealing with omnichannel customer journeys that make it difficult to reach those people in the moments that matter. FullContact’s new suite of solutions empowers companies to accomplish this in a privacy-safe and secure fashion.


About FullContact

FullContact is a privacy-safe Identity Resolution company building trust between people and brands, while also putting consumers in control of their personal information. Their patented identity graph enables accurate, secure identity resolution for more than one billion people globally. FullContact delivers the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences by unifying data and applying insights in the moments that matter. FullContact is headquartered in Denver with an office in India. For more information, please visit


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