Improving Location and Place Of Interest Queries

Why FullContact is Thrilled to be Partnered with Placekey

I’m excited to announce our partnership with Placekey, the universal identifier for places.

This partnership will make querying with location data even easier than it currently is with FullContact. FullContact already supports Name/Address as an input, but as our customers know, addresses are fraught with complexity around standardization. There are formatting issues (abbreviations, naming differences, etc.) and in extensions such as suites, apartments, hotels, and more. 

For example, if you were trying to look up the Village Inn Restaurant, you could use the address 3710 W MLK BLVD STE #121, Zipcode 90008, or you could enter 3710 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Suite #121, Zipcode 90008-1761. 

Leveraging Placekey helps to simplify the complexity inherent in dealing with addresses and location data. Placekeys are a simpler way to reference a place as they are a simple ID, each representing a unique Point of Interest (homes, offices, apartment units, etc.). Given that a Placekey represents a singular location ID vs. the composite nature of an address, it makes the usage and portability quite appealing. 

For FullContact, this helps power an additional way to connect to person-centric profiles through name and Placekey ID. Mutual customers of FullContact and Placekey can more easily join against each other’s datasets without the hassle of address standardization. Further, given FullContact’s and Placekey’s real-time API, we can empower businesses to perform more in-the-moment engagements based on the Placekey and the inherent spatial awareness encoded into it.

I’m also excited because Placekey’s philosophy around data aligns with our own. Like FullContact, they believe that data should be easy to access and balance companies’ commercial interests with the interests of real people.

When you combine the fundamental beliefs and the amazing technology of the two companies, I know we’re going to see exciting things in the future. 

To learn more about our partnership, read the press release here.

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