FullContact Welcomes Our Newest Board Member, Foundry partner Brad Feld

The whole FullContact team is thrilled to welcome venture capitalist, writer, entrepreneur, and mentor, Brad Feld, to the family as a Board Member. As our newest director, Brad will use his decades of experience to strategically advise FullContact in a period of growth as we continue our work to empower connections between people and brands. 

Brad’s philosophy of “give before you get” perfectly aligns with our values. He defines this outlook on life as, “helping others without an expectation of what you are going to get back.” At FullContact, we believe that kindness is the core of well-nurtured, open, and inclusive relationships. We believe that the success of our customers and partners is our success, and we create meaningful value through trust, collaboration, attention to detail, and living up to our commitments.

“I’m incredibly excited to welcome Brad Feld as our newest board member,“ said Chris Harrison, CEO of FullContact. “We’re lucky to have someone with his wealth of experience and strong character join the team. With extensive board experience, mentoring and giving back, Brad doesn’t just guide organizations toward success–he helps organizations do good.”

Brad started his technology journey in 1987 as an entrepreneur and early-stage investor. He co-founded Foundry and Techstars. FullContact was an early Techstars company. As a partner at Foundry, Brad initiated an early investment in FullContact. It’s wonderful to bring Brad into the fold after he shows such faith in what we wanted to do all those years ago.

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