Why More Time Off Is Better For Everyone

Here at FullContact, we know that life is about so much more than just work. People are happy and productive when they get adequate time to focus on their families and friends, hobbies and passions, and mental/physical/spiritual health.

That’s why in 2020, we started to offer Mental Health Days when we realized our team wasn’t taking full advantage of their unlimited Vacation Time Off (VTO). While we’re proud to offer a generous vacation package, we also understand that there’s an added benefit when everyone is off work simultaneously. Our team can relax and rejuvenate without emails or Slack messages coming in that could tempt them into working when they should be, well, doing anything besides working.

When thinking about the future, our senior leadership decided how to support the team further—even more company-wide time off! That’s right. We’re INCREASING our company holidays from the 2021 list by a total of 5 more days in the U.S. and 6 more days in India!

And that’s not all. In addition to extra holidays and mental health days, we’re also adding Summer ½ Day Fridays and a Day of Service. To put it into perspective, the national average for company-provided holidays in the US is only nine days a year, and the national average for company-provided holidays in India is only 13 days a year. We are proud to offer almost triple the US national average with 26 days and more than double the Indian national average with 27 days!!

Below is the list of holidays for our employees. While we recognize this isn’t an all-inclusive list of the numerous holidays and traditions that exist, we encourage our employees to take advantage of FullContact’s available time off benefits to enjoy and celebrate their cultural, religious, and/or family traditions.

If you’d like to join a team that wants you to truly cherish your time away from work, apply here!

Holidays Dates Location
New Year’s Day 2022 12/31/2021 (part of a week-long end of year closure) Global
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 01/17/2022 U.S.
Republic Day 1/26/2022 India
Mental Health Day 02/18/2022 Global
Shiv Ratri 3/01/2022 India
International Women’s Day 03/08/2022 Global
Holi 3/18/2022 India
Mental Health Days/Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, Vishu 04/14/2022–04/15/2022 Global
Idul Fitr* 5/2/2022 India
Memorial Day 05/30/2022 U.S.
Juneteenth (6/19) 06/20/2022 U.S.
Day of Service (International Public Service Day) 06/23/2022 India
Independence Day 07/04/2022 U.S.
Summer 1/2 Day Fridays 07/01/2022–09/02/2022 Global
Muharram* 8/8/2022 India
Day of Service (International Youth Day) 08/12/2022 U.S.
Independence Day 8/15/2022 India
Labor Day 09/05/2022 U.S.
First Onam 9/07/2022 India
Thiruvonam 9/08/2022 India
Third Onam / Mental Health Day 09/09/2022 Global
Gandhi Jayanti 10/02/2022 India
Dussehra 10/05/2022 India
World Mental Health Day and
Indigenous People’s Day
10/10/2022 U.S.
Diwali 10/24/2022 India
Veteran’s Day 11/11/2022 U.S.
Thanksgiving Day 11/24/2022 U.S.
Native American Heritage Day 11/25/2022 U.S.
EOY Closure (includes Christmas Day and New Years Day) 12/26/2022–12/31/2022 Global

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