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FullContact Integrates with Qonsent to Change the Brand/Consumer Relationship

Built for compliance, Qonsent Graph securely connects identities at every touchpoint for a superior customer experience.

DENVER, CO—January 4, 2022—FullContact, the leader in identity resolution as a service, today announced a partnership integration with Qonsent, the first data privacy enablement and engagement platform built for consumers. The companies are working together to integrate FullContact’s identity solutions with the Qonsent Graph.

Qonsent provides a data privacy platform that lets people manage permissions around what personal data brands are allowed to use. The platform also provides brands a mechanism to manage consumers’ requests for how this data is used and engage them accordingly. Consumers can approve, deny, or revoke this consent at any time.

FullContact’s identity platform integration ensures the brands that FullContact is working with are collecting and managing these permissions at the person level. The platform verifies each person’s identity and protects sensitive data, while still allowing the brand to engage with customers across the marketing value chain.

“Our mission is to build products that connect people and brands, while addressing evolving privacy legislation and people’s concerns about how and where their data is used,” said Chris Harrison, CEO at FullContact. “Together, FullContact and Qonsent will build a robust solution that allows FullContact’s customers to understand who each consumer is and where they are on their journey, while providing people security and control over their personal data.”

Consumers represent themselves differently when engaging with brands across multiple channels, platforms, and devices—whether logged out or authenticated. Marketers must be able to recognize these behaviors and identities, especially as they change and evolve in real time. Qonsent Graph brings all of these components together with an authenticated and verified graph, allowing for more personalized yet transparent experiences that improve the brand’s relationships with its customers.

“People expect customized, relevant experiences as they engage with brands, but they also want to be in control of their identity and their data,” said Jesse Redniss, CEO and Co-founder, Qonsent. “Through our integration with FullContact, we’re empowering consumers across FullContact’s network with complete control over the information they share—and brands are able to build trust through increased transparency.”

About FullContact

FullContact is the privacy-safe identity resolution company helping brands to build better relationships with their customers—while also putting people and brands in control of their information. Our patented identity graph enables accurate, secure identity resolution for more than one billion people globally. FullContact delivers the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences by unifying data and applying insights in the moments that matter.

For more information, please visit fullcontact.com or contact press@fullcontact.com.

About Qonsent

Qonsent was founded in 2021 by leading visionaries from media, marketing, technology, legal, and security industries to build tools that enable consumers to manage and control their personal information as they interact with companies that want to use that data. The services offered by the company encompass both B2B services and consumer-facing solutions, including Qonsent-in API embed creator, SmartQontract, real-time ID validation and match linking, a resolution manager, and a Qonsent consumer wallet. Qonsent’s platform can bridge the gaps in the current industry offerings for brands, advertisers, publishers, enterprises, and consumers to solve the data privacy issue in a holistic manner.

To learn more about Qonsent Graph, visit qonsent.com.

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