Unlock the Power of Persistent IDs with FullContact for Snowflake

Up to 70% of web traffic occurs on a mobile device. With people spending more than five hours a day on their devices, your ability to reach your desired audience depends on how well you can identify and connect with your customers where they are.

The Power of Persistence

To effectively manage reach and frequency, businesses must be able to quickly identify and target customers as they move through various mobile and desktop browsers and apps. Because mobile activity isn’t effectively tracked with cookies, marketers are transitioning to HEMs and MAIDs to deliver personalized, engaging ads to their customers. These persistent identifiers protect personal information, increasing trust and strengthening the relationships you are working so hard to build.

Why HEMs & MAIDs?

Hashed email addresses (HEMs) and Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) have become very important pieces of the modern marketing puzzle. While cookies are limited to desktop and device IDs to devices only, HEMs and MAIDs can help stitch these identifiers together.

HEMs and MAIDs are digital, resolvable references linked to real people. They enable accurate mapping of the customer journey across channels and ensure privacy-safe sharing between partners. With a person-level view of your customers, you can drive data-driven decisions that amplify your reach and marketing efforts.

With FullContact for Snowflake, you gain an average of 5 additional hashed emails and mobile ad IDs per person, increasing your omnichannel reach by 5X. As you gain additional identifiers through these incremental touchpoints, you increase your ability to find your audience on other platforms, increasing your return on ad spend. Plus, FullContact’s hashed emails and mobile ad IDs can be reused campaign to campaign, as well as platform to platform, providing continuous ROI. Apply them across your enterprise or take them to any provider.

Let’s Hash it Out

“Hashing” describes taking standard email addresses and encoding them using a cryptographic hashing function. As concerns grow about the forthcoming deprecation of the third-party cookie, the discussion has shifted to how email hashing can work to better identify customers and prospects. Hashed emails are easily tracked through numerous devices and channels, and with successful Identity Resolution, HEMs are a highly dependable way of identifying users across devices.

  • Emails are consented to and privacy-compliant.
  • Emails are persistent and do not change after creation.
  • Emails are tied to an actual person.
  • Emails are platform-independent for omnichannel targeting.

Understanding MAIDs

If you already collect MAIDs, you need the ability to consolidate that information into usable, actionable data.

Because they can be used in-app, MAIDs allow for better personalization of your interactions. For example, you can avoid inappropriate messaging to your favorite customers by suppressing specific MAIDs from your advertising. MAIDs can also track in-app usage, helping you identify where your customers spend most of their time.

MAIDs have a long lifespan, lasting about 7-8 months. This expands your opportunity for consistent engagement beyond the 7-day window typically found with using cookies. MAIDs remain persistent across application publishers and are set by the OS, not the browser. This removes the need for syncing and helps keep data accurate and timely.

  • MAIDs are the ID of choice for small screens.
  • MAIDs are easily accessible and easily integrated into AdTech platforms.
  • MAIDs streamline targeting through mobile apps.
  • MAIDs provide better targeting through rich data linked to user devices.

How Does FullContact for Snowflake Work?

Just input an email, hashed email, or mobile ad ID and receive an average of 5+ mobile ad IDs and hashed emails in return. These incremental touchpoints increase your reach and give you true frequency control. Find your audience using hashed emails and mobile ad IDs wherever they are and easily partner with activation platforms.

FullContact’s data intelligence pulls from deterministic data to offer a single, unduplicated view of an individual across desktop, mobile web, and in-app devices. Whether someone logs into their social media account or checks their email, marketers can recognize these individuals and act on these engagements in real-time. Plus, FullContact’s hashed emails and mobile ad IDs can be reused campaign to campaign, as well as platform to platform, providing continuous ROI.

Keeping Privacy Top of Mind

A direct relationship with the end customer is necessary for transparent communication about the permissions needed to gather data. For companies with strong first-party data and well-versed in using persistent identifiers, this process is simple. FullContact for Snowflake enables accurate mapping of the customer journey across channels and ensures privacy-safe sharing between partners.

HEMs and MAIDs are the right choices for targeted marketing that adheres to ever-changing privacy legislation. Hashed emails help protect a person’s identity and PII, establishing clear ethical and privacy boundaries in the noisy, fast-paced world of consumer data. HEMs act as a privacy-safe, pseudonymous tracking mechanism across channels and devices, securely measuring engagements as a user logs in to a website, social media, or platform.

Because users can reset their MAID, they maintain control over their usage and help protect their privacy. MAIDs place your message in front of the people who want to hear it.

Make the Most of Your Customer Relationships

FullContact for Snowflake empowers real-time action on customer insights within Snowflake’s Data Cloud, helping joint customers generate more revenue, reduce wasted ad spend, and increase their market presence through incremental touchpoints and better personalization.

Marketers already familiar with Snowflake’s interface can now unlock the power of persistent IDs to get the most from their marketing dollars.

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