A Marketing Guide for Uncertain Times

In today’s economy, inflation is ramping up the cost of salaries, benefits, the supply chain, and customer acquisition while driving down consumer spending. Marketing departments are left with frozen or significantly reduced budgets with the same high expectations to deliver against their KPIs. To overcome these challenges, data-driven marketers must now lean into their existing customer data more than ever.

Identity Resolution: Creating the Path Forward

To overcome challenging times in the past, book-ending print with digital communications and building levers to market to their existing customers across social media were among the tactics that worked. Today’s lever, however, is much more extensive, comprehensive, and much easier to implement.

Today’s lever is Identity Resolution.

Brands today have started integrating identity resolution into their tech stack to gain a better understanding of their existing customers, extend the reach of their messaging, better personalize, and improve measurement across marketing channels.

Understanding the Economics of Identity Resolution

Let’s take a closer look at the economics of identity resolution.

FullContact’s Resolve breaks down silos of data, unifying internal disparate customer databases that include transaction files, email files, social followers and mobile apps. Now armed with a single PersonID that identified and resolved duplicate and poor records to one ID, the company could connect with and engage customers using all the identities they used when they engaged with their platforms.

Identifying duplicate records reduces waste and powers conversions.

Shrinking the size of a list may sound counter-intuitive to those who have spent years in Marketing, but when a list consists of either multiples of the same person, or individuals that were supposed to have received other campaigns, the dollars spent reaching them are dollars wasted. Think entry-incentive ad campaigns going to an already loyal customer’s account, just because they accessed the website using their phone instead of their usual laptop – inconsistent, and wasted discount!

A leading subscription service, experienced a 14% increase in its Return on Ad Spend, made possible by mapping more than 42 million website visitors to its CDP and leveraging the resulting insights and personalization.

Personalization through enhanced customer recognition delivers great returns.

By recognizing unknown site visitors in real-time (without 3rd party cookies!), they increased their website conversion rate by 1.6%. Efficiently guiding your visitors to the correct page is so essential. Adding Mobile Ad IDs and hashed emails to their site traffic allowed them to extend their media reach by 300%. They also gained monetizable insights on 6 million previously unknown monthly visitors.

Media Amplification increases targetable identifiers.

Resolving and adding device IDs to its customer database and site visitors enabled the company to connect purchasers to their mail file, site visit, and social engagement. This improved the ability to retarget existing customers in new channels. FullContact mapped an average of 5.2 additional identifiers on 126 million records, allowing them to increase their targetable identifiers to 655 million hashed emails and MAIDs.

Persistence empowers true omnichannel measurement on your terms, not your platforms’.

Leverage persistence’s power to map all your customer data to PersonIDs. FullContact’s graph contains over a billion identities, empowering visibility across media ecosystems, first-party events, devices, and channels. You control the measurement and attribution models.

Power your prospecting with 2nd party data sharing.

Improve Ad Spend efficiency by targeting high-intent, lower-cost audiences and sharing with selected partners, adding additional media touchpoints, transforming single channel identities into omnichannel identities, and activating across your media ecosystem.

What do marketers love most about this solution? How easy it is to implement! To resolve disparate customer and prospect databases, simply drop the FullContact tag into your website code. By overlaying partner data within a controlled environment, you’ll gain additional person-level insights that measure marketing investments and offer a deeper understanding of your customer segments.

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