Empowering Cohesive Customer Experiences

Your customer experiences aren’t cutting it. Transform bad CX with a winning identity strategy.

No matter the product, service, or industry, every marketer is in the problem-solving business.

How well you communicate your ability to solve a customer’s problem depends on how well you know your customer. What does your customer need? Why do they need it?

The approach for selling a laptop to a new college student will be different from your approach to selling a computer to a grandparent interested in staying connected with their loved ones. The decisions you make as a marketer are only as good as your data, and your data is only as good as how you decide to use it.

Your business most likely stores thousands, if not millions, of names and emails in its database, but more is needed to segment and re-engage your customer base properly. For many marketers, it’s back to the drawing board as it concerns learning how first-party data has changed the game in data-driven marketing. Sophisticated marketers and data-driven businesses understand the importance of centering the customer experience within their marketing strategy. Identity and data enrichment are the foundation.

FullContact for Snowflake: Leading the Way for Identity & Enrichment

Newly launched within Snowflake’s platform, FullContact’s Resolve unifies a person’s many representations into a single, persistent identifier, helping marketers improve their effectiveness with 1:1 views of their customers, prospects, and users. Enrich provides multidimensional insights into your customer and prospect data, while Media Amplification extends media reach to improve ROAS.

Data enrichment through FullContact for Snowflake transforms your raw data into actionable information for your next campaign. With this native app, you can input an email, hashed email, or mobile ad ID and receive an average of 5+ mobile ad IDs and hashed emails in return. This level of enrichment provides deeper insight into how your customers behave online and off, helping to increase your reach and give you actual frequency control.

Why Data Enrichment Matters for Marketers

Data enrichment moves beyond the data you collect from your customers, bridging the gaps in your first-party data. Personal interests, lifestyle preferences, and motivations to make a purchase are all crucial pieces of a customer’s identity puzzle. Crafting genuine, personalized messaging requires intimate knowledge about the customer and their omnichannel behaviors. Data enrichment bridges online and offline identifiers like demographics and psychographics, packaging them into a nicely-wrapped box of information that enables the delivery of memorable, meaningful experiences. With proper attribution, you can touch customers in a highly personalized way, engaging the emotional element that builds positive relationships.

By unlocking the true potential of identity and enrichment, FullContact for Snowflake helps address the gaps in the modern marketer’s stack in order to:

    • Drive personalization when you understand the people interacting with your business.
    • Leverage FullContact’s identity graph, ensuring all data is associated with only one entity.
    • Analyze with accuracy, using precise algorithms based on properly unified data.
    • Boost sales with accurate information that leads to more effective marketing and an increase in repeat business.
    • Segment audiences into meaningful groups of people to enable personalized marketing campaigns, improved product development, and increased customer loyalty.
    • Reduce marketing spend by sending messages and promotions to the people most relevant.
    • Develop new products based on the real needs of your customers.

Unlock New Insights with Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

Snowflake recently recognized FullContact as an Identity & Enrichment leader in the inaugural Modern Marketing Data Stack Report: Your Technology Guide to Unifying, Analyzing, and Activating the Data that Powers Amazing Customer Experiences executed and launched by Snowflake. Following an increase in the number of marketing companies adopting Snowflake’s tech over the past couple of years, the report is based on the usage patterns from a pool of nearly 6,000 Snowflake Media Data Cloud customers. FullContact was identified in Snowflake’s report as a leader for its effective process of attributing customer behavior and interactions across all touchpoints to a single unified customer profile natively within Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Joint FullContact and Snowflake customers can easily stitch together data, unlocking new insights that will be transformative for most businesses and how they market to their customers.

FullContact for Snowflakes helps modern marketers solve the identity puzzle.

Backed by FullContact’s unmatched identity graph, FullContact for Snowflake enhances your understanding of the whole person, empowering your ability to communicate consistently with your customers across platforms, personalize, create accurate segmentation, and measure your impact precisely.

FullContact for Snowflake at a Glance:

    • Unifies customer and prospect data
    • Enables consistent customer experiences
    • Empowers true omnichannel measurement
    • Authorizes secure first-party data sharing
    • Ensures privacy legislation compliance

FullContact for Snowflake helps modern marketers solve the identity puzzle to better connect with their audience. To learn more about FullContact for Snowflake, speak with an expert today at

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