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Unify customer & prospect data by linking complete or fragmented identifiers to an individual.

Resolve provides an obfuscated, secure, and portable persistent ID that improves marketing capabilities including personalization, messaging, segmentation, customer engagement, and device identification all the way through to media optimization.



Recognize Real People

Confidently recognize people engaging with your brand, whether you have email addresses, phone numbers, names & street addresses, names & Placekey IDs, or Mobile Ad IDs.

Easy Integration, Real-Time Information

Our easily-integrated API delivers the information to recognize people, based on fragments, in the moment you’re interacting with them.

Persistent, Portable, Omnichannel

Take back ownership of your customer experience. Take your PersonID wherever you like -- with the confidence that we give you the tools to maintain control of your customer's privacy.

How Unifying Identifiers
Can Help You



Transform a single identifier (like an email or a phone number) into a whole person.

With Enrich, gain access to our insights, including incremental identities and personal & professional information about the individual. Unique dimensions of insights drive deeper, more authentic brand engagement, greater loyalty, higher LTV, and improved ROI.


Ethical Sourcing

Our unparalleled scope of data sources provide a breadth and depth of permission-based information, in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Multidimensional Insights

Leverage deep insights to discover additional attributes and maximize your use cases.

Real-Time Integration

Unlike others, we deliver our insights using a real-time API to immediately impact the customer experience. We can also send via batch, adapting to whatever is best for you.

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People represent themselves differently as they engage with your media, platforms, and apps. But Identity Resolution doesn't have to be complicated. See how FullContact’s Identity Resolution capabilities can improve your customer experience.

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