The Benefits of Customer Recognition

Creating a cohesive customer journey starts with the vital step of recognizing who a person is. From the moment they start interacting, deliver appropriate messaging and content during every engagement.

Exceed Messaging Expectations

Take your customer experience and your content to a whole new level by recognizing who they are as they engage with you.

Improve Retargeting and Messaging

Match interactions throughout your brand channels and follow shopping and engagement behavior to better understand where and how to retarget people in their journey.

Simplify Your Customer’s Experience

Use your own ID, hashed emails, partner IDs, Mobile Ad IDs, Web visits, and other identifiers with a persistent PersonID to create a complete profile for all interactions & tailor messaging with dynamic content.

Transact without PII

Identify your customers and audiences for engagements, messaging, and measurement without using PII. Linked to a persistent identifier, your IDs are all you need to recognize your customers.

Real-Time Recognition

No matter where your customers engage, immediately recognize them with the help of persistent, portable, and omnichannel PersonIDs.

What is FullContact’s Approach to Customer Recognition?

Map a persistent, obfuscated, and secure PersonID to your customer IDs and additional identifiers. Improve capabilities across your MarTech stack with flexibility in how you interact with our graph.

Securely Connect Customer Data

Map customer IDs & PII to a PersonID via API or as a batch. Tie that ID to how you already identify people & check each engagement in real-time. If it’s their first interaction, obtain a new PersonID.

Connect Across Customer Engagement Platforms

Linked IDs maintain identity across customer-facing platforms--even with new identifiers--because your fragments are securely connected to our graph. Recognize people across platforms, devices, and environments.

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Real-Time Experience

Secure, obfuscated, and unique to your brand, the persistent PersonID enables an improved customer experience by uniting IDs across any device, channel, or platform, in real-time.

  • Incomparable Identity Mapping

    Map authenticated & anonymous behavior from web analytics, tag managers, and PersonID in a Private Identity Cloud. Create relevant messaging or offers from behavior attributable to a combined PersonID/customer ID.

  • Transact Without PII

    Ensure your platform has a way to reach audiences without needing to continuously send PII back and forth with the PersonID. Recognize people based on multiple types of identifiers and keep PII secure.

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