The Importance of Identity Verification

FullContact enables you to authenticate consumer profiles accurately, instantly, and at scale. Our solutions help you identify fraud attempts and Know Your Customer (KYC).

Enhance Your Identity Proofing Process

Augment and optimize your fraud security process with real-time identity verification of the people behind the exchange. We can simplify, streamline and elevate the consumer authentication experience.

Score Transactions Easily and Securely

Fuel your fraud scoring models with enriched metadata. Our linkage and signal data consistently improves to match emails with names and addresses, Mobile Ad IDs, hashed emails, place-based identities and social profiles.

Protect Revenue & Accelerate Growth

Build customer trust and prevent profit loss from false declines. We reinforce your defenses against chargeback-related expenses, lost revenue and inventory, and increased operational costs.

Reduce The Most Common Fraud Risks

Nearly 50% of all fraud is committed with a new or one-time email address. We help put a stop to this while providing a frictionless verification process.

Prevent Regulatory Compliance Fines

Exceed industry standards, compliance regulations, and legal requirements. We use the world’s largest and most advanced identity graph to guard against compromised data and privacy regulation fines.

Verify Real People in Real-Time

Verify in real-time on any device. We use persistent, portable, and omnichannel PersonIDs to access fragmented physical and digital identities.

Our Approach to Identity Verification

We harness the collective power of 50 billion individual omnichannel identifiers and 700+ ethically sourced personal and professional attributes to strengthen your identity proofing process.

Validate Against Multiple Identifiers

Connect with your people confidently. Our coverage allows validation against digital and terrestrial identifiers. We incorporate real-time responsiveness to power our advanced intelligence.

Score Your Metadata Reliability

Quickly discern suspicious and invalid activity. We use 50 billion linkages of metadata such as Mobile Ad IDs, email addresses, timestamps and terrestrial addresses to assign a confidence score.

Verify Email Deterministically

Strengthen real interactions with real people by leveraging our identity graph. We use real-time insights and email activity scoring to identify emails used frequently vs those recently created.

Maintain Real-time Permissions

We maintain permissions on an immutable ledger organized around the individual to detail how a real person's data should be used in real time.

Empower Your Tech Stack

Power your platforms, tools and apps. Your customers rely on you to provide a smooth and seamless experience. Our Identity Verification solution easily integrates with your existing tech stack to help you do just that.


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