The Benefits of Secure Sharing

Identity Streme provides a modern way for partners to work together to share data, provide transparency, enable measurement, and improve both parties’ financial performance.


Improve ROAS

Target high-intent, lower-cost audiences, and share with selected partners. Add additional media touchpoints, transform single channel identities into omnichannel identities, and activate across your media ecosystem

Generate New Revenue

Monetize data by making it available in a secured environment to approved partners. Improve the return of your partners’ marketing funds by adding channel amplification to outbound marketing programs.

Gain Additional Insights & Measure Spend

Gain additional person-level insights by overlaying partner data in a controlled environment. Insights can range from measuring marketing investments to a deeper understanding of customer segments.

Continuous ID Syncing

Seamlessly add new customers through API or Batch, and have FullContact continuously manage changing profiles.

What is FullContact’s Approach to Secure Sharing?

A flexible, encrypted, and secure private environment, Identity Streme ingests and obfuscates PII. The privacy-first design incorporates encryption at all points of interaction and overlays top-tier security.


Unify and Amplify Insights

Encrypted in transfer, all PII is mapped to a PersonID meaningful only to your group. This cannot be reverse-engineered back to the PII and is then associated with a profile containing thousands of attributes.

Securely Share What You Want

Control who & how to share your customer & prospect information. No one can access the PII, not FullContact nor any external party. Bring the best customers from partners together for maximum revenue.

Discover the Persistent PersonID

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Make Your Relationships Secure

With third-party data under increased regulatory pressure, forward-thinking marketers will focus on first and second-party data sharing. Ensure your partnerships can protect your policies & customers' privacy.

  • Between Brands and Manufacturers

    Securely enhance customer profiles between parties. Provide controlled access to create audiences, amplification, and activation through your media platforms to facilitate person-level measurement.

  • Between Publisher and Brands

    Create a common identity within your own publisher brands for better monetization of your assets. Enable advertisers to use their first-party data cleanly, without sharing PII.

  • Between Brands

    Create a private ecosystem between brands that want to work together to share high-intent based audiences in the market for specific products and services. Lower CAC and monetize your own data.

  • Between Portfolio Brands

    Create an insights and audience-selection platform amongst shared brands. Leverage media amplification and existing media activation partners.

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