What Are The Benefits of Identity Streme?

Our privacy-first design ensures all sensitive data is protected with industry-leading security systems and your own, unique encryption key--without compromising easy & controllable access.


Never Surrender Control of Your Data

Your data is never commingled or combined with other data (including ours). Everything is encrypted, resolved, and stored only in your personal Identity Streme.

Persistent & Portable Identities

A PersonID remains consistent throughout the customer journey. Use it across your entire marketing ecosystem, from loyalty programs to call centers, media partners to email platforms, without expense.

Designed to Remove Risk

Protecting consumers and brands with end-to-end encryption. Every brand we work with has their own unique person-first identities, valuable only to that brand.

Future-Proofed Protection

There’s a proliferation of identities, so what’s anonymous today may not be tomorrow. Add incremental identities to your Identity Streme and know they’re protected.

What is FullContact’s Approach to Identity Streme?

Your Environment, Your ID, Your Control


End to End Encryption

Wherever you engage with your customers regardless of platform, you can immediately call our API or send via Batch. Your data is instantly encrypted, stored, and resolved to a PersonID (PID) unique to you.

Mapping and Matching

Secured with a unique encrypted key, you can reference the PID downstream in real-time. We map the PID to your CRM data and match it so you know if it’s an existing customer without ever passing PII.

Learn How To Create A Consistent Identity

Discover Resolve

A Whole New Class of Data Governance

Create a consistent encrypted identity across silos, improve data quality, increase analytical accuracy, implement and enforce policies, and ensure compliance with data privacy laws and other regulations.

  • Securely Manage Your PII

    As the number of sensitive data sources increases, so does your risk. Reduce the number of places that you store highly-sensitive data. Replace PII with a unique ID only valuable to your organization.

  • Secure Digital Advertising

    AdTech providers and Brands use Identity Streme to translate PII into hashed emails and Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) to activate digital campaigns.

  • Data Infrastructure On-Demand

    Enable AI, ML, and Analytics Companies with an added layer of security and peace of mind from an obfuscated and encrypted environment. Build on this with Resolve, Enrich, and Media Amplification.

  • Store Your Policies

    Keep all data ascribed to your customer's preferences and your data governance policies.

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