The Benefits of Omnichannel Targeting

By multiplying the number and types of identifiers, you can reach your audiences across incremental channels and devices, accelerating your return on ad spend.


Amplify Media Reach

Gain incremental touchpoints per person to increase omnichannel reach by 5X. Start with an input, such as Name/Address, Name/Placekey ID, phone number, email, or Mobile Ad ID, and receive 5+ MAIDs and hashed emails.

Real-Time Turnaround

Get your data in real-time with FullContact’s API. Your bids occur in real-time, your customers are clicking in real-time, and you need to keep up with today’s dynamic environment.

Long-Lasting Identifiers

Link MAIDs and hashed emails to a person, instead of a third-party cookie, to reduce waste in media programs.

Own Your Data

Amplified digital identifiers can be used and syndicated as needed. No need for monthly refreshes during campaigns; our identifiers are persistent, housed anywhere you want, and can be used repeatedly.

Why Data Onboarding is the Road Forward

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Our Approach to Omnichannel Targeting

We map missing identifiers to the ones you have to expand targeting across channels through our real-time API.


Simply Add Incremental Touchpoints

Access our Identity Graph and add an incremental average of 5+ Mobile Ad IDs and/or hashed emails per individual through our real-time API.

Audience Matching

Add the newly gained touchpoints to your platform.

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