CCPA and Beyond

Enable privacy for everyone, and respond to consumer data requests in real-time, with a holistic view of the data you’re storing about them. When receiving a customer data request, have peace of mind knowing that you’ll quickly return all data collected on them because it’s securely connected, consolidated, and easily retrievable.

Persistent Identifier

A unique, portable, and obfuscated ID is mapped to each fragment of customer data.

Unified Data

The identifier allows you to link all collected information, even from fragments in various silos of data.

Easy, Efficient Recall

Recalling data on-demand becomes a simple real-time process.

Discover How Our Privacy Compliance Solution Can Help You

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How It Works

Our Privacy Compliance Solution gives you the confidence that data subject requests can be quickly and accurately fulfilled.


Simple to Use

FullContact’s solution helps you tie customer fragments together using a single, persistent identifier, so you can be confident you’re sharing everything your company has, in a simple, streamlined way.

Real Preparedness

Does your company have the confidence you need to be able to definitively say you’ve provided all the requested information? FullContact’s Privacy Compliance gives you that peace of mind.

Real-Time Speed

Resolve works via API, meaning if you get a customer request, you can immediately jump into action to recall that person’s information.


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