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Time-saving features that keep your contacts organized and up-to-date.

Save 17% on Premium and 23% on Team edition


$0 /month

  • Sync with 1 account. (Google, iCloud, or Office 365 / Exchange)
  • Store 1K contacts.
  • 10 free business card scans.
  • 20 contact updates /week
  • 100 contact lookups /week (FullContact for Gmail)


$8.33 /month Billed annually at $99.99

$9.99 /month

  • Sync with 5 accounts. (Google, iCloud, or Office 365 / Exchange)
  • Store 25K contacts.
  • 1,000 business card scans/year.
  • 50 business card scans/month.
  • 500 contact updates /week
  • 250 contact updates /week
  • 500 contact lookups /week (FullContact for Gmail)
  • 250 contact lookups /week (FullContact for Gmail)


$9.99 /month
per user Billed annually at $119.99

$12.99 /month
per user

  • Everything from Premium, plus:
  • Team contact sharing.
  • 1,000 business card scans/year.
  • 50 business card scans/month.
  • 500 contact updates /week
  • 250 contact updates /week
  • 500 contact lookups /week (FullContact for Gmail)
  • 250 contact lookups /week (FullContact for Gmail)

Compare Plans

Main Features Basic Premium Team
Two-way Sync (Google, iCloud, Office 365 / Exchange) 1 Account 5 Accounts 5 Accounts (per user)
Max Contacts 1,000 25,000 25,000 (per user)
Business Card Transcription 10 Free Total 1,000 /Year 50 /Month 1,000 /Year (per user) 50 /Month (per user)
Weekly Contact Updates 20 /week 500 /week 250 /week 500 /week (per user) 250 /week (per user)
Contact Lookups in FullContact for Gmail 100 contact lookups/week 500 contact lookups/week 250 contact lookups/week 500 contact lookups/week (per user) 250 contact lookups/week (per user)
Tags and Notes
Deduplicate and Clean Contacts
Capture Email Signatures from Gmail
6 Months of Contact History
Contact Sharing
Team Tags and Notes
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Common Questions

How does contact sync work?

Basic Plan: FullContact pulls changes once per day from your accounts like Google, iCloud, and Exchange/Office 365.

Premium and Team Plan: Changes are pulled from your account in real-time.

Under Premium plans, any changes made in FullContact will immediately push back to connected accounts. For the Basic plan, changes will push back once per day.

What happens if I go over my contact limit?

If you exceed your Basic contact limit of 1,000 contacts or your Premium contact limit of 25,000 contacts, FullContact will no longer sync changes to or from your Google, iCloud, or Exchange/Office 365 accounts. You also may be prevented from adding new contacts or uploading a file.

What are contact updates?

FullContact searches for publicly available information to add to your contacts, including photos, job titles, locations, social media profiles, and more. Basic accounts receive updates each month. Premium accounts receive updates each day.

How do Email Signatures work?

With a Premium plan, FullContact can scan your Gmail inbox for any new or updated email signatures and automatically create new contacts or update existing contacts using that information. Email signatures often include name, job title, phone numbers, email addresses, and social profiles.

How does business card transcription work?

Unlike most business card scanners, FullContact uses real people to transcribe your cards. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and results in more accurate transcription. Transcribed cards are then added to your address book.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. If you cancel, we’ll end your plan as of the next subscription cycle. You can learn more about our cancellation policy here. Also, your contact data is yours, so you can always export your contacts if you choose to cancel.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can switch between any of our paid plans, including from monthly to annual billing, at any time.

Do I get a discount for paying on an annual basis?

Yes. With an annual subscription, you’ll pay for two months (or 17%) less over the course of the year.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay for FullContact with any major credit card or with your iTunes or Google Play accounts via our iOS or Android apps. We do not support payment using Paypal, Bitcoin, or any other alternative payment method.

What happens when I switch from the Premium to Team plans?

Do I have to pay for both? No. When you switch, you’ll keep all your Premium features but only pay for your new Teams plan.

I have more questions. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.