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PowerInbox Review

Boost Your Email Productivity with PowerInbox

I’m always on the lookout for tools that make my inbox more meaningful. A few years ago I ran across a tool called PowerInbox, and they’ve just launched a new feature that makes it well worth another look.

Future of API design

From the Playbook: The Future of API Design

There’s an incredible article this week from the folks over at The Next Web that tackles a difficult subject – The future of API design. Written by Netflix’s Daniel Jacobson, the piece delves into perhaps the deepest of questions for API creators – Who is the primary audience for the API, and how can you optimize for them?

Scan a business card and send a greeting card automatically

Turn Business Cards Into Greeting Cards with FullContact and MailLift

At its very core, everything about sales relies on relationship management. While it’s common for businesses to send out pre-printed, computer-generated business cards to their clients each year, you need a way to stand out from the rest. We’re going to use the FullContact Card Reader to help you turn a stack of business cards into a great relationship for the new year.

Zapier logo

What’s In Your SaaS Stack – Zapier CEO Wade Foster

It started with a survey, and then it became an infographic. Now we’re on to the interviews. We’re talking to some of the fastest-growing companies in the world to find out what’s in their SaaS stack. We want to know what helps them to do business on a daily basis.

Migrating from MongoDB to Cassandra

Migrating from MongoDB to Cassandra

We were a young startup and made a few crucial mistakes. MongoDB was not a mistake. It let us iterate rapidly and scaled reasonably well. Our mistake was when we decided to put off fixing MongoDB’s deployment, instead vertically scaling to maintain the Person API product while working on other technologies such as the FullContact Address Book and our ‘secret sauce’ behind the Person API.

Build a squeaky clean database

From the Playbook: Keeping a Squeaky Clean Database

The folks over at Marketo have put together a great blog post this week that focuses on keeping the data in your CRM clean. They list 5 steps, which should all be relatively easy, but almost all of them rely on you using the right tools for the job.

Escape from LinkedIn

Escape from LinkedIn

This isn’t just a LinkedIn problem. All of these platforms want you to communicate solely within them. It’s the balkanization of communication protocols, and it’s killing the Internet.