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Archive for January, 2015

Introducing FullContact for iPhone and iPad

Refactor or Fail – How We Rebuilt FullContact from the Ground Up

Roughly a year ago, we ran into a pretty common scenario in our industry. We had a platform that was holding us back. Our first attempt at an address book platform a.k.a Address Book 1.0, exhibited serious warning signs of an impaired architecture: We were routinely introducing technical debt to move forward, and delivering quality code at a predictable pace was nearly impossible.

Introducing FullContact for iPhone and iPad

Announcing FullContact for iPhone and iPad

In January of 2014, we announced that FullContact acquired Cobook – the unified address book for iPhone, iPad and Mac. For the past 12 months, and with some blood, sweat and tears, we have been hard at work to fulfill our promise of integrating Cobook and FullContact to deliver the best possible experience for all our users. Here are some of the things we achieved as a unified company for those of you who use iPhones and iPads.

5 + 1 Tips for Reducing Sales Team Churn

We all know how important it is to focus on hiring the right people when you’re building your company. But everybody seems to talk about the executive team, your investors and other leadership. Perhaps just as important as those people are the ones who help them meet their goals. The VP of Sales is going to have a lot of weight on her shoulders, and arming yourself with the right team is the only way to avoid setting yourself up for failure.