Time to Announce the First Round of Speakers for Connect 2018

Speakers to Discuss Data Innovation, Customer Intelligence Best Practices, and More

As the head of the Connect ’18 Conference, I am excited to announce some of the amazing speakers who are going to present on customer experience, marketing strategies, and a wealth of related topics. Working at FullContact for the past four years, it has been clear that data plays a key role in effective marketing. Not only can data provide more insights, but it also benefits sales and customer success teams by giving a bigger picture of the customer before initiating conversation. Companies that understand their customer data will be more successful in their strategies and sales.

For the Connect ’18 Conference, we work hard to find top-notch presenters that represent the best of customer intelligence and authentic experiences. Our speakers this year come from some of the largest brands and some less recognizable brands that are pushing the envelope on what it means to use data to improve experiences and increase revenue.

The Connect 2018 Conference is the customer intelligence event of the year, providing an open forum for world-class speakers and content focused on creating authentic relationships in the age of the consumer. Gain in-depth knowledge of marketing technology, human-to-human connection, customer success, and building authentic relationships. Connect ’18 allows for marketers and developers to gain insights into the data-driven world. I believe that Connect ’18 attendees will have a great experience, leaving with new strategies, tools, and awesome memories. While we’re excited about all of the conference activities, we believe the speakers make the conference special.

The first speaker I’d like to introduce is Niraj Deo, Oracle’s VP of Products and founder of digital AdTech B2B account-based marketing. Deo will be speaking on how you can work your way through the levels of data maturity to create better experiences and generate more revenue.

Beverly Jackson, MGM Resorts’ VP and Head of Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy, is a key speaker sharing words of wisdom at Connect ’18. She engages brands through storytelling across networks and media platforms. Beverly previously served as Head of Social Marketing for Yahoo and has also created an award-winning social program for the Grammy Awards.

VP of Marketing at Drift, David Gerhardt, has a lot to offer marketers at Connect ’18. Gerhardt has spent the last seven years working and learning SaaS marketing. He has worked with companies such as Hubspot and Constant Contact. His career took off when he discovered how important storytelling is through his podcast “Seeking Wisdom.” His podcast now has thousands of followers. At Connect ’18, he will share how connecting with people and telling stories is the key to authentic human connections.

Gloria DeCoste is the Head of Digital Strategy for Nestle and believes that digital is a thread that connects every aspect of today’s brands. She wants to ensure that marketers realize the power of digital to build brands that are meaningful, relevant and add value.

Chris Moody was another influential speaker we chose for Connect ’18. He is a current partner of Foundry Group and previous GM and VP of Twitter’s Data Enterprise Business. He has more than 25 years of experience and is known as the pioneer of developing data and platform strategies. His views have been shared across the world including the White House and United Nations and now the Denver Connect Conference. Moody has led customer engagement at more than 25 fortune 500 companies and will present on the art and science of creating authentic connections.

Many more speakers will present at Connect ’18 this year. In addition, there are multiple events in motion surrounding the Connect ’18 Conference that will help visitors and locals explore Denver. Join local brewery and museum tours, watch live bands and enjoy hosted dinners and happy hours.

To register for the Connect Conference 2018, visit https://www.fullcontact.com/connect/#register.

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