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June 6-8 2018 McNichols | Denver, Colorado

Creating the future of customer intelligence

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What Is Connect?

Connect brings together hundreds of marketing and customer-focused professionals to explore the future, the foundations and the practical implications of creating exceptional customer experiences. These themes will be brought to life by an inspiring lineup of speakers who’ve been there and are doing it.

Past Speakers

Tod Szewczyk

Doug Kaczmarek

Falon Fatemi

CEO and Founder at Node

Chris Moody

Ryan Leslie

Brad Feld

Pamela Herrmann

Michael Sharkey

Ali Reza Manouchehri

Michael King

John Weiss

CEO / Co-Founder, Human Design

Scott Heimes

Chris Voss

Founder & CEO of The Black Swan Group

Dane Atkinson

Bijal Shah

Luke Wyckoff

Bart Lorang

Joe Pindell

Past Attendees

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