Big Data Brings Big Opportunity: B2B Marketers & the Data Asset

Complex data, multiple touchpoints, and siloed systems put a wall between understanding your customer data and meaningful engagement. 96 percent of marketers struggling with data collection pointed to building a comprehensive single view of a customer as their biggest challenge.

Companies with numerous platforms, used by different departments across the organization, are trying desperately to give customers personalized experience based on their preferences, but because there are different data pieces from marketing, sales, and support, they can’t glean a holistic customer view. Enter identity resolution. By connecting data fragments across the enterprise, marketers can create an effective data-driven strategy to master their customer relationships.

While segmenting and personalizing data for tailored messaging can provide big ROI for B2C marketers, it can be even greater for B2B marketers. You can treat potential buyers with the same one-on-one relationship they would come to expect from a consumer brand. Knowing company data and identifying influencers help professionals take advantage of data enrichment for marketing opportunities and insights into who has the purchasing power. Engaging and interacting with key people inside of an organization can help improve prospecting, speed up the selling process, and enable lookalike prospecting with similar companies and audiences.

In this short video, FullContact Director of Solutions Rick Porter talks about the state of data-driven marketing and the opportunity for brands to benefit from customer intelligence. He shares how identity-based data enrichment helped a company refine their personas to successfully carry out a number of marketing activities.

At FullContact, we know identity resolution delivers accurate, actionable data about people and businesses (including lifestyle, behavioral, headshots and interest insights). That’s why we advise our customers to leverage their enriched data asset to apply marketing, customer support, sales and fraud management use cases within their organization.  It’s also why our innovative engineers have implemented machine learning to normalize these job titles, making it even easier for marketers to know who they are targeting and at what level.

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