The Psychology of Choice

Understanding why we do what we do and buy what we buy

Jeanette McMurtry is an internationally renowned marketing expert and one of the amazing speakers at our upcoming customer intelligence conference, Connect ’18. Here’s a preview of her session on the psychology behind creating great customer experiences.  

Chances are you’re wasting 90% of your marketing resources! This is because most marketing campaigns target the conscious mind that only drives 10% of our thoughts while our unconscious mind drives the other 90%. And because our conscious and unconscious minds are worlds apart when it comes to the values that inspire us, motivate us, and drive our behavior.

In today’s complex consumer-driven world, creating psychologically relevant messaging and customer experiences are mission critical for ROI and the long-term success of any brand. Marketers must understand human behavior and psychological principles in order to capture attention, sales, and lifetime value. This session will teach you how your consumers really think, how they really choose which offers to respond to and to which brands to assign loyalty.  And how you can build psychologically relevant journeys that secure lifetime value and profitability.

You’ll learn how:

  • Our minds process information and form judgments, right or wrong, which determine our choices to engage or disconnect.
  • Hormones like oxytocin and dopamine influence consumer behavior beyond conscious, rational decision processes.
  • Social and emotional influencers can get a prospect to YES!
  • To apply key findings from psychologists like Freud, Jung, Kahnemann, and Ariely to get more from your marketing and customer experience programs.
  • To engage consumers on deeply relevant journeys that connect deep within our psyche and inspire evangelism for generations.
  • To create psychology based marketing campaigns that can achieve “unthinkable results.”

A “mind-blowing” presentation, The Psychology of Choice is a very interactive session, enabling attendees to experience first-hand how their minds process information and make choices in order to better understand how their customers do the same!

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