Connect ’18 - The Data Conference That Keeps Getting Bigger & Better

Last year, my team and I put together our first Connect conference in Denver and we didn’t know how it would unfold since we only had a few months to prepare. We worked around the clock to find the right speakers, a great venue, and compelling content for our audience of marketing and technology professionals. Now I have a better understanding of why event planners get stressed when planning a 400 person wedding! There is a lot to do. Thankfully, I can report that hard work pays off. Attendees and speakers alike provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, and by all measures, we pulled off something special.

For 2018, we plan to make it an even greater success. From creating a detailed work-back strategy to endless staff meetings, we are looking at every detail. Perhaps most importantly, we have added additional talented speakers to this year’s lineup, which takes place June 6-8th in Denver.

Here’s our latest round of speakers who will share the stage at Connect ‘18:

  • Jeanette McMurtry — Author of “Marketing for Dummies” and “Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets.” She will help attendees grasp a deep understanding of why consumer choice and psychology play key roles in marketing.
  • Tom Marriott — Principal, Marketing & Communications Leader at Deloitte. Tom has experience leading Deloitte’s Marketing organization through the implementation of a full service, in house agency. He’s directly involved in the development of the Firm’s advertising strategy and sponsorships. He has been with Deloitte for 30+ years, most of those as a Consultant to Deloitte’s clients.
  • Max Stossel — Co-Founder of Center for Humane Technology, Stossel is dedicated to re-aligning technology with humanity’s best interests. He will be presenting on the role technology plays in building meaningful connections in the digital age.

The above-mentioned speakers will be joined by, among others:

  • Danielle MorrillFullContact’s VP of Product and previous CEO and Co-Founder of Mattermark
  • Matt Freedman — Founder of Liftory
  • Jeff Liebrock Senior Vice President, Client Services at Wiland
  • Jimmy Lyons — CEO and Co-Founder of Advisor Connect
  • John Weiss — CEO of Co-Founder of Human Design
  • Murat Tasan — Data Scientist at Craftsy
  • Javier Loureiro — Director of Guest Experience, Private Jet at Four Seasons
  • Pamela Herrmann — VP of Marketing at Mortgage Cadence, an Accenture company

Not only will incredible thought leaders speak at Connect ‘18, but you can experience special events surrounding the conference that you will only find in the Mile High City.

Want a sneak peak? We will once again host a local brewery tour in Denver’s – River North Art District (RiNo). Stay tuned for the next Connect blog to learn more about the many social activities we’ve planned.

If you have any questions or want to buy a ticket before they sell out, head here.

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