Top 10 Reasons to Attend Connect ‘18

It can be difficult deciding which conferences will provide the most benefit for you and your company, so I put together a list of reasons you should absolutely attend Connect ‘18.

Advance Your Business

1. Work ON your business instead of IN your business. We all get too close to our roles in the day to day rat race. Use Connect to elevate your thinking, get out of the weeds and see the bigger picture.

2. Learn innovative marketing strategies from leading brands like MGM Resorts, Deloitte, and Hubspot. These companies have mastered the art of marketing to B2B and B2C customers and can push your business in the right direction.

3. Understand how data leaders are adapting to new data policy changes. Data makes up everything we know about our customers. Industry leaders will discuss how companies can still build authentic relationships with customers while remaining compliant.

4. Discover how to create authentic customer relationships. Customer expectations regarding how a company should treat them are escalating.  Avoid losing your customers to companies and brands who have taken the effort to understand them more fully.

5. Hear how companies are creating ‘mindful’ customer experiences. Just because today’s technology enables companies to engage with customers at any moment on any device doesn’t mean that they should.  Discover how to build products and experiences in a more thoughtful way.

6. Find out how to harness the psychology of choice in marketing. Learn how your customers really think, how they choose and assign loyalty, and why transactional data alone is not enough.

Networking & Entertainment

7.Expand your network. Connect ‘18 is for marketing and customer data-driven professionals. There will be many fun opportunities for networking and learning first-hand from industry peers.

8. Enjoy local food and drinks. While the speakers and sessions will undoubtedly make the conference memorable, we wanted to make sure the food was worth remembering, too! From award-winning caterers to cocktails to coffee, we’ve done our best to make sure our food and beverages were on par with our conference content.

9. Pub crawl through the art district of Denver. Last year, the pub crawl was one of the most memorable events surrounding the conference and we decided to make it a staple of Connect every year. We’re taking over five breweries and one cidery in the River North (RiNo) neighborhood of Denver.

And Finally…

10. Connect ‘18 was designed for YOU. My team and I have been to hundreds of conferences and have learned what works and, just as importantly, what doesn’t. We handpicked everything – each speaker, vendor, event space, all the way down to premium locally brewed coffee – so you will have the best conference experience possible.

Connect ‘18 is a great conference to help your business and your network grow.  Join us for an unforgettable event.

To get more information on Connect ‘18 or to register, click here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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