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Your first look at Relationship Matters

On Friday, July 27th, we officially launched our newsletter. Here’s the first edition in case you missed it. Read through for some great content then sign up to get Friday’s edition in your inbox.

Bring FullContact Address Book Insights into Google Hangouts Chat

Earlier this year at Google I/O 2018, Google unveiled their Slack competitor Google Hangouts Chat. Given that we’re a team of tinkerers, and always looking to experiment with the latest in tech, our team set out to build a bot to bring the insights from our cloud-based address book into this new tool. We’d already…

Finding New Office Space for a “Growth” Company

Like many “growth” companies, finding the right office space was a challenge for us. A good office can add significant benefits for an organization and its employees. A bad office can become an obstacle to productivity and culture. In many respects, a company is a reflection of the space it occupies.  Yet traditional commercial real…