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Archive for October, 2018

How to Make Accurate Data A Priority for Your Marketing Team

For years, marketers have heard that they need to be data-driven, data-informed, and data savvy. What once was a much-needed battle cry has turned into a stale phrase, as marketers have had to pivot towards a new path to purchase while data insights have gotten more complex and nuanced. Using data to market to customers…

Make Empathy A Part of Your Brand Marketing Strategy

When speaking to another person who may not understand what you’re saying, do you resort to speaking louder or becoming more animated? Has that actually ever helped someone understand you better? If you’re shaking your head no, I empathize with you. That is to say, I totally get it. When someone misses the point of…

How to Leverage Cold Email Outreach Across All of Your Acquisition Channels

According to The Radicati Group, email usage worldwide is set to top 3 billion users by 2020. With explosive growth and massive worldwide adoption, it’s no wonder email still reigns supreme among the top places to acquire customers, readers, and users. Yet, certain stigmas still remain. When people think cold email, they think — sales….