Filling in the Gaps of Your Customer Data

As marketers, we’re becoming increasingly motivated to attribute data to customer interactions and engagements. Knowing exactly what encouraged a purchase or a form fill can help inform marketing messages and influence ad spend on campaigns. But there are still blind spots to the exact motivation behind what made our customers convert.

To introduce customer data into your marketing efforts, you need to combine the data within your organization to start creating a complete customer profile. The individual person data inside your sales, support, and marketing departments should be combined in order to gain a single customer view that you can use to communicate with customers.

With this single view, you can supplement blind spots with third party data enrichment. This allows for more targeted, relevant messaging that encourages your audience to continue engaging. However, not enough marketers are taking advantage of enrichment.

When we asked marketers which data sets —  including lifestyle data, transactional data, demographic data and/or behavioral data — they were currently using to analyze customers, 68% said they were only using some of the data available. There were plenty of data sets available but not being utilized in campaigns. 

Identity resolution combines data sources inside and outside of your organization to provide a clear picture of your customer.

Segmentation, lookalike audiences, and omnichannel marketing are just a few of the ways you can begin using identity resolution to create better engagement with your audience. With true identity-based marketing, you can start using daily routines, locations, habits, and other predictive data points to market on a one-to-one level.

Filling the gaps within your internal data sets will provide a deeper, more accurate understanding of your customer so you can learn how to best engage with them. Armed with these insights, your marketing department now has the ability to surprise and delight your customers with new offerings and consistent communication in omnichannel environments.

With a single customer view, you can drive higher ROI and increase customer lifetime value. Watch our on-demand webinar with our partner Pitney Bowes to learn how to begin connecting and engaging with your customers.

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